Monday, November 22

Rule #4: The Doubletap

This weekend Drew and I decided it would be a great time to start doing one on one time with the children individually. Getting to know each other better, talk and overall strengthen relationships with each child. Mixing that with doing an activity that we would enjoy, and that would teach practical life skills that were transferable into the real world.

Obviously Zombie hunting was the first thing we came up with.

On this music Monday I pulled from a very old album I had back in the day.

The Offspring-Pretty Fly For A White Guy

Also a great newer one

Colbie Caillat-Bubbly

I am feeling a little more like hibernating now with all the snow, and I love to bunker down with food, movies and good music. This is one of my all time favorites.

Michael Buble-Me & Mrs. Jones


I am grateful for how much fun we had baking cookies with the children today. I love sharing the kitchen with them and I love that they share this love of cooking. We cook in camo here just in case of a zombie attack.

I am so grateful for this new beautiful kitchen that we have that allows me to share this time with our children.  

I am grateful for my over sized sweater my brother gave me 3 Christmas' ago, my warm slippers, and Midol.

I am grateful for the happiness of our children. I am aware that they will not always want to spend this much time with us, we will not be cool, and that we will argue a lot. I am incredibly thankful we are not there just yet. I cherish this time with them.