Sunday, November 7

Wrangler Monday

I am so excited for this week I can hardly contain myself. This week is the CFR (Canadian Finals Rodeo) and it might as well be Christmas with all the Wrangler butts (Wranglers are a brand of jeans worn by cowboys), big trucks, cowboy hats, big belt buckles, cowboy boots, rodeo, country music and hot men that will be around.

So this music Monday is in anticipation for the weeks events.  The selections I have made this week are old school country that I grew up listening to on my dads farm.  

Garths Brooks-Calling Baton Rouge

Garth Brooks-Friends In Low Places

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band-Fishin in the Dark

Garth Brooks-Aint going Down Til The Sun Goes Up

Johnny Cash- Walk The Line

Randy Travis - Forever and ever, Amen



I am unbelievably, overwhelmingly grateful that my dear loving, beautiful, angelic, kind, did I say loving yet, sister in law just got a job at Anthropologie. I've been working on my Christmas list from the second that I got the news.

I am grateful that my friend brought over Dutch Sugar Bread this weekend.  And I pretty much ate the entire thing.  I would happily put down the recipe but he was sworn to secrecy, so you just get to look at a picture of it.  It was magical.

I am grateful that my friend Michelle invited me to come with her and her daughters to Las Vegas where they will be going to a dance workshop with... hold your pants... are you ready for this???? MIA MICHAELS.  So I get to go with them!  Yay!

I am super grateful that English Sam has her mom over here and I got to spend the evening visiting with them. She is one spicy lady and I am really liking her.

I am feeling truly grateful for all of these little opportunities to travel that have been presenting themselves.  I feel like somewhere out there someone has heard the silent yearnings of my heart and has opened opportunities for me to accomplish things that I have only dreamed of.  It makes me feel that my dreams still matter.  I feel loved that Drew is just as excited for me to do the things I dream of as I am.

I am so clever

Tonight for dinner we had soups. Different kinds of soups. Everyone picked the kind they liked. Ethan picked New England Clam chowder. Now, this is where I decided to be what some could say dishonest... I am going to call it clever. 

I knew if I told him there were clams in it, he would decide he did not like it, and he would not ever try it. If he did try it, more then likely gagging would ensue.  So Instead, when I dished it out and he asked what was in it, I simply said. Potatoes. 

And guess what....HE LOVED IT! He even scooped the sides of his bowl. 

Score one mom!

I also finally picked these up this weekend. They are the measuring cups my brother Dawson bought me for my birthday. Aren't they darling? I collect measuring cup/ tea spoon sets.  I love the colours!