Sunday, October 31

Introducing, Dear Mom

I was not planning on doing a post for today, but so much has happened that I do not want lose this opportunity.

This morning Ethan was asked to sing at a funeral for a 96 year old woman who passed this week, so him and I went. I am not a huge fan of funerals, I realize not many people are, but I have been to way too many for my liking and I just choose to not go. But because Ethan was asked, I went too.

It was actually kind of funny when I got the phone call asking if the kids would sing at it, I told the boys and asked if they would be interested? Gabe asked if he would see the dead body, I told him no, and they thought it would be a cool thing right before Halloween to see a real dead body.

This morning when decisions were being made Ethan was the only one not wigged out.

During the service I found it touching the things the grandson said about his grandmother. How she always had time for everyone, how loving she was, and her food. At one point the grandson even looked heaven ward and said "Amen for grandmas fried chicken" It made me think about what I would want to be remembered for, and the fond memories I have of my Grandmother and mother.

It got me thinking about the things we remember from our childhoods. The things that have made an impact in our lives. Some good, some not so good, but regardless they are there. It also made me think about what I want my funeral to be like, but that will come later.....