Wednesday, October 27

Almost 100

I have blogged thus far 95 times, and so the rest of this week I'm working on ways to improve and make my next one hundred a little more special and a lot less about potty's.

I have a migraine today that I'm battling; I don't really appreciate it - it came at a rather inconvenient time but really when is it ever convenient to become violently ill, hypersensitive to light and sound and super dizzy?  Definitely not today at Walmart, that's for sure!


I'm grateful for headache medication.  Really, really grateful for headache medication.

I'm grateful that Drew can type this so I can go to bed.

I'm grateful for how excited I am for my upcoming blog posts.  I think they'll be a lot of fun.  

I'm grateful that the weather is actually colder so I can wear long pants and socks to hide my ugly yellow bruising on my sprained ankle.