Tuesday, October 19

Four days of stay at home dad-dom.

I've come to commandeer J's blog again... she took off to Nanaimo for the weekend and left me in charge so I'm taking some liberties around the house :)

I thought about bragging to you the readers about my fabulous abilities as a stay at home dad... things like my ability to keep a clean house, cook, bake (almost a tradition in our house to bake Sunday evenings for the upcoming school week - this week Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies) blah blah blah but that's too easy *wink*.  

Instead I'll relate the things that I've learned (or perhaps re-learned) this weekend.

  1. Little girls are much different than boys.  Heaven help all the true single dads out there raising girls.  Boys are just like little guys - even if you get into an argument about something, five minutes later you can be shooting hoops or skateboarding like good friends.  Not little girls - even at three they hold a grudge.  I wouldn't let her wear a swimsuit today to pick up Seth from school and she didn't let me forget it the rest of the day.  Which is why she is not wearing a swimsuit in bed.
  2. I understand now how little girls become tomboys.  I can't piece together an outfit to save my life.  Jeans and a t-shirt - that one I get.  
  3. A new one - I got no work done today during the day.  I'm behind about 200 e-mails and 20 hours of work that I have to get to tonight.  
  4. The thing that keeps our house disorganized and cluttered is.... each other!  Like I said to my buddy Dean when he was over and we were watching a movie last night, in another week I'd have the whole house shipshape!  I'm sure if I was gone for a week Joelle would have the whole place spotless and organized.  But when we are together there are always other 'things' to occupy our time.  
One funny note - before J left she threatened me about the laundry.  Not in a typical "it better be all done before I get home" way, but almost the opposite.  Something like "if you touch any laundry other than the towels I'll cut off your privates."  ... OK maybe not that extreme.   But she did have THAT look in her eyes.  So of course I washed all the towels.  And the sheets.  And the jeans.  But I only dried the towels and sheets.  If I were to dry the jeans (in the dryer I mean) I shudder to think what she would do.  About the only things dried in a dryer in our home are the towels, sheets, socks and underwear.  Everything else is hung.

So that's it for my blogging for (hopefully) quite some time.  So this is Drew saying so long, and may the good news be yours.  

Five points to the person that can identify where I stole that line from without using Google.