Friday, October 1

Top 32 for October 1 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DARLING

Hello all.  The body of this post is being written by Drew - you know... the first (but not yet) ex-husband (to-be).

Let me tell all of you about October 1st and why it is a special day in our house.  

As many of you know, J was born on October 1st and will be turning 32 this year.  She is a pretty amazing woman, but I thought I would tell you what makes her amazing.  This is my top 32 favorites about my number 1 (corny, isn't that?).

  1. Joelle is an amazing wife.  She (quite literally in some cases in fact) is most mens dream wife (some men are gay).  You'll see why as the list goes on.
  2. Joelle is very funny.  Not just ha ha kind of funny, but I'm sure you've all experienced the snorting kind of laughter that she can evoke, even in writing.  I love her sense of humour (and I think a little has maybe rubbed off on me).
  3. Joelle cares.  Period.  About me, the kids, people she knows, people she doesn't know, animal species that are endangered, diseases, everything.  Unless she considers it stupid, in which case see #2 for how she might deal with stupid things.  However even during those times when she considers me stupid, she still cares and does those little things that show me love.
  4. She is a great mom.  She might disagree (using humour to deflect) but I know better.  I see her at her best and at her worst, and at her worst she is 1000% better than every other mother I know (disclaimer: except you Mom).
  5. She has a tendency to exaggerate.  For an example, see #4.  Joelle's fish won't grow the more the story is told, it will be 15 pounds heavier the moment it goes back into the water.  This contributes to #2, which is why it's on my list.
  6. She is hot sexy beautiful.  She hates those other words, but they also describe her so that's how I'm leaving them in ;) Although when we were first married she may have had (& worn) overalls, they have long ago been disposed and she now dresses in clothes as beautiful as she.  Notice that this is strategically number 6.  
  7. She loves to serve.  Sometimes she even does service for me!  But she finds joy in serving others and helping them to achieve those things that they sometimes can't do for themselves.  She sometimes even cleans other peoples houses for fun (something for which I would not do, even for moderate amounts of money).
  8. She loves to clean.  Actually she probably has some obsessive compulsive tendencies when it comes to our house, which occasionally leads to marital conflict, but when it comes right down to it if she wasn't around I might as well live in a barn.  Our home is what it is because of her.
  9. She has become amazing at laundry.  I'm not sure other husbands are even aware that they are missing out on this crucial aspect of home economics.  We do not have to purchase clothes because our existing clothes are worn out, shrunk, discolored, stretched, stained or otherwise wrecked.  
  10. She doesn't need me to have a good time.  She has friends; a life and her own hobbies and interests.  Being together is great, and spending time together is lovely, but if all we did was spend time together.... look out!
  11. She has become a great cook.  One of our goals this year was to expand our families minds when it comes to good, healthy foods.  Jamie Oliver has become a favorite, and an amazing fact is that our kids will eat more Salmon Tikka than fast food.  Most of them don't even like McDonalds fries anymore.
  12. She listens.  Not only with her ears but with her eyes.  
  13. She knows what she wants, likes, will put up with and what she doesn't want, like, or won't put up with.  I'm am very grateful for this... the worst thing in the world is to have to interact with people who flip flop or don't know what they want.  Those people don't ever seem to be pleased.  I can please my lovely wife.
  14. She has excellent personal hygiene.  No further comment required here.  
  15. I love her smile and her laugh.  I like it so much most of the time I don't even mind when she is laughing at me.
  16. I love her legs in high heels :) 
OK I think I'm going to cut it short at 16.  32 is a LOT and I'm afraid that I would be coming up with really lame things like: "31.  She is an excellent good mediocre driver." -> JUST JOKING... sorta kinda.

So today makes the 11,672 day that my love has been around on this here Earth.  It seems strange that I've only known her for about 4,380 of those days.  

Strange fact about Drew - I married J whose birthday is October 1st.  My Mom's birthday is also October 1st.  Quick shout out to my mom - Happy Birthday!  

I've taken over J's blog for long enough. To all of you, know that I love her, that she is amazing, and that I AM the luckiest guy on Earth.... although if I was rich I would be the luckiest rich guy on Earth... come on universe!

My gratitudes on my darling's birthday:
  • I am grateful to be together celebrating J's birthday today.  I love her, and wouldn't want to spend the day anywhere else.
  • I am grateful that the weather will be great for J's birthday.  It's like the universe is showing her that it loves her too.
  • I am grateful that she is my kids mom.  She is the best.