Monday, September 6

On second thought my weekend of gratitude

If I am going to be sick for even half the time Drew was sick for, I need to get tough and write about my weekend so I am not behind with my Blog...

Saturday was really fun. I was able to spend the day with Melanie and Natasha. Mel and I drove to Natasha's to help her finish up her move. We cleaned, and laughed and listened to music. 
It feels good to serve others. It is the only thing in this world that is 100% foolproof for me. If I am ever feeling awful, or sorry for myself, service will always make me feel better. ALWAYS! 
I am grateful for that one single certainty in my life.  

Sunday is the day I can't wait to talk about. On Sunday we all went out to my Dads farm to celebrate him. This month it has been 1 full year since his horrible accident, and I had a hard time trying to find the words to describe how I felt going to see him.

When I drove to Dads farm I passed the cemetery. Morbid I know, but I passed it, and that's not where I had to stop for the one year anniversary. I am really grateful for that.  As I was driving past I actually saw a group of people standing at a site changing flowers and cleaning things up.  I had a pang in my heart; how easily that could have been us!  But it wasn't.

I also passed on the way to Dads, the turn off to the brain injury hospital. Let me say how grateful I am that I no longer have to go there to see him. It is a beautiful place and they did a marvelous job helping him. The rehabilitation he received there was second to none. And the people that work there are amazing. But I am just really glad I got to drive past.

Nope for this special weekend I got to drive all the way to the old Jones gravel road and went to the farm to celebrate one year. When I pulled up to the house, my dad was out in the yard waving hello to me, healthy, a little thin and with a big smile on his face. He was standing in front of the cabin he has been building over the last few months.
The best part of this day was that it was the weekend after his return to work. That is right, he is back at work. 

It was a good day. 

The house was full of laughter and stories. I think one of my most favorite things now is my dads smile, and when my step mother laughs. Life is so good. I am grateful for the trials of this accident, and even more grateful for the gifts that have come from it. 

Also on Sunday I got to visit my dear friend Erika. Erika is my second oldest friend in this world. She lived up by my dad and would come over and spend summers with me when I would visit my Dad and Rhonda. I love Erika. She is just as beautiful as I remember her. She has the same wonderful laugh, her hair is longer, but that's all that is different. Erika and I marveled throughout the day at how different my Dad is now.

Erika and I used to ride my dads donkey to the mail box. We would jump, no, we would run up behind Burrito as fast as we could, put our hands on his back end and vault onto the back of that poor creature and ride it without a bridle or halter. We would steer it by tapping our feet on either side or using a whip - not hard - just tapping lightly.  And he would turn the opposite way that we tapped. That's how we would steer him the mile to the mailbox. Erika and I had a lot of fun those summers at my Dad's house.

My dad seemed very happy to have Erika at the farm again. She understands all the horse talk; she took riding lessons from my Dad when she was younger. Which was great for me on Sunday because my Dad and Rhonda just got back from Texas where they bought some horses to show and breed. So when we all went out to the barn to view the new horses everyone was oohing and awing... I had no idea what they were talking about. I just oohed and awed along with them. 
I have become such a city girl. 

My little sister Tella was there too. She is so beautiful. She is becoming such a gorgeous woman. 
Dawson showed up later in the afternoon, and my dad was really happy to see him too. 

My heart is so full as I write this, the keys are getting harder to see with the collection of tears. 
My family is well, and happy and my Dad is healthy and Rhonda and him are making plans. Plans together, plans for the future that make them smile and giggle while they talk about them.  They are making plans.

Life is good and I am grateful.

This weekend:

I am grateful for the man my Dad is working with. He will never read this I am sure, but I want him to know that I thank him from every part of my heart for allowing my Dad to return to work to show he is still able. To let him feel like a man again. To be able to prove he really is all better.
I am grateful for this man because my Dad told me how bad he wants to work so he can buy my stepmother a very special gift next year.(Sorry I can't say what it is) He told me all of his plans for this gift for her, and my heart was touched because he is still madly in love with his wife. He feels good working again. Thank you!

I am grateful for my dear friends. We all laughed a lot this weekend. 

I am grateful I am a Calgary Stamps fan, that was awesome/embarrasing/awesome!

I am grateful for Sam and Dean and their beautiful children, and I am grateful the kids didn't break any bones when they fell out of the tree.

I am grateful for turkey dinner and I'll be grateful for turkey soup the rest of the week when it finishes boiling on my stove.

I am super grateful for my in-laws who watched all 4 kids on Saturday while Drew was sick and I was helping Natasha clean.  I love you so much.

I am grateful for a husband that is way more loving to me when I am sick then I am to him....


Unrelated:  Ethan gave me his birthday list for this year.  


So much fun I could just barf

What a weekend, what a LONG weekend.

Drew has been sick since Thursday.

I am feeling horrible now. 

I will go crawl past Drew, tag off so he can be the parent and I can go lay in bed for days watching movies.


I am grateful for Tylenol

I am grateful I am a Stamps fan!!! hoo- raw!