Thursday, September 2

Stupid Dinosaur!

This morning while I was driving Seth to school I got a little annoyed with all the construction going on around the city. Seriously now, was city council drunk when they decided to fix EVERY SINGLE major road way at the same time this year. Honestly?!

To make matters worse, the exit I take to get to our doctors office ( it was no big deal to take it once in a while because we don't go that often.... perhaps more than normal families, but not tons) is the same exit I now use to get to Seth's school EVERYDAY.

Well, last week some over achieving road construction worker found some Dinosaur bones while digging and doing repairs on the bridge exit. So now the stupid construction will take even longer.
Of course that guy had to get his 15 minutes and tell everyone what he found, instead of just keeping it to himself and selling it on e-bay like any sensible person would. Thanks a lot  buddy!

I was a little late getting Seth to school because of  all the bridge construction but also because of an accident (one of like 20 this morning I heard about on the radio) I am sure the one I passed was because of texting...

Pause in story:

If I was ever in beauty pageants, my platform would be to tell everyone to STOP TEXTING WHILE DRIVING!!!!!! I think its crazy, irresponsible, and very dangerous. Could you even imagine having to tell someone how sorry you are for killing their loved one because you were LOL'ing about something? Really? Please stop if you do...ooh ya, and I would want world peace. And for every such as american to get a map.

un Pause: and back to my story...

 So because I was a little late I was not able to catch all the high school students in the foyer like yesterday, but I did get to see one student telling a story and let me just say, it actually too my breath away.

 No I am not a cougar, I mean watching him tell his story to his friends was so beautiful it took my breath away. I guess even in sign language people have their own style and slang. And this one students style was absolute grace.
It looked like he was dancing. He had longer blonde hair and it was swaying slightly while he signed. His arms were fluid, and gentle and then sharp and fast, it almost looked choreographed. I had no idea what he was saying, but I really wanted to. It looked like a physical version of my friends poetry that she has read to me.

It was really cool. Even Nora stopped and watched him. It was slightly mesmerizing for us both.
I did not want to seem rude, so I tried not stare for long. I even had to pull on Nora a bit to break her gaze.

I have never wanted to learn a different language before, until I saw this today. Absolute beauty.

I am grateful we had a super fun night at the swimming pool tonight as a family, and that no one pooped in the water. That always ruins a good swim. (not our kids, it just seems to happen when we go that we get asked to leave early because somebody did)

I am grateful tomorrow is hair day! Yahoo!!! I need a cut.

I am grateful Drew is able to work from home some days, its nice to see him.