Wednesday, August 11

Ho hum

I am finding that some weeks are a little harder to find things to write about then others, so to fill the void of this week I have decided I am going to share a little more about myself with everyone. So  you can get to know me better. 


My favorite colour- Turquoise and green. Also, Turquoise is my favorite stone. 

My favorite food-Anything from Jamie Oliver's cook books. It is a dream of mine to one day eat at his restaurant. I also love any baking. Anything that can make you gain 10 pounds just by looking at it.

I have a secret crush on-Leland Chapman from Dog the Bounty hunter. Judge me all you want, I don't care. One day I will go to Hawaii and meet him! 

Weirdest thing I have ever been paid (or was almost paid)- One day Seth hurt himself by sliding down our banister with his arm, and in so doing got a 3 inch sliver in his bicep. So when I took him to the emergency I had to wait a few hours until they could put Seth under to remove the sliver. While I was waiting I began chatting it up with a random woman in the waiting room who was there with her child. (I will never learn)

As the conversation went on, she asked if I do anything (other then stay at home) and I told her I am a Doula and help women during child birth. To which she informed me she was pregnant. She asked how much I cost and I told her. 
To which she says" well that's perfect, you can be my Doula and I will give you a puppy" I actually shot pop out my nose. "what?" 
She said I can't afford you, but I breed dogs and I will give you one and you can be my Doula. 

So in essence I was paid in dogs. 

Most embarrassing moment-  It is still,getting my feet caught in the volleyball net in grade 8.

My favorite store- Anthropologie, and lulu lemon.

My favorite T.V show(s)- SNL, The Office, Biggest loser, Dog the Bounty Hunter (ya ya ya never mind) So you think you can Dance, Last comic standing. Really anything funny.

Favorite Music- all, but right now I am really loving The Script.

Hobbies- Help birth babies, which has often ended with copious amounts of amniotic fluid sloshing around in my crocks (true story) but it never gets old seeing a child come into the world.
Once upon a time I rock climbed...*sigh* that a hobbie? 

Yes I read and loved Twilight. !!!Team Edward!!!

I actually really enjoy doing laundry. Weird I know, but I enjoy getting things clean. I hate folding it and putting it away, but I love doing laundry.

When I use to be an EMT many years ago I worked with a guy named Adrian. He was a Paramedic. We were the best of friends. One day we flew a person from up north into Edmonton for some tests, often we had to wait for the patients and then fly them home. On this one trip Adrian and I went to the mall to look around, in the town we were from they only had a SAAN store, so West Edmonton mall was a big deal. 
While we were walking around Adrian found some perfume he really liked for his wife. but because we were flying in a small airplane with a sick person he did not want to spray it on himself in case they were sensitive to smells. So he thought it would be a better idea to spray the perfume on his fingers, that way he could cover his fingers with rubber gloves and no one would smell it. SO for the rest of the day he would just be smelling his fingers, he would just walk up to nurses and other EMS personal in the hospital and say"smell my fingers". He was a super funny guy. 

Also an interesting fact about me I was once a 911 dispatcher. I was awful at it, but I did it. I once (when I was 6 months pregnant) sent my husband (the husband of my unborn child) responding lights and sirens to a murder scene with out any police back I said, i sucked at that job.

I have only really saved one persons life. But I have done real CPR 7 times. 
I can not sing at all. But I love to try.

I really love public speaking. It is such a rush, and would love to one day do a stand up comedy act, just once.

 I have learned if I am really mad at my kids, I can say anything to them as long as I do it in an accent and they will just laugh.

Lastly about me, If I am having a bad day, if I can do service for someone else it fixes everything.That and  a good laugh.

And I love shoes.A LOT!


I am grateful my husband is feeling a little bit better. He was man sick tonight. You all know what man sick is...if it were me I would still be cleaning , cooking and watching the kids. But its him, so he is on the couch moaning and repeatedly telling me he's sick... Man sick;)

I am grateful for good friends.

Also, I am grateful for every once in a while when you feel waves of love and true happiness wash over you. Those little reminders you are loved by a higher power.