Thursday, July 8

Gabers you are 7!!!!

To my little man Gabriel,

Today it is your Birthday and we sing to let you know, 
That you will be king for the day, whatever you say goes!!! (Stolen from a Barbie movie and now we sing it to the children)

                                                             Happy Birthday my boy!

I am not exactly sure how you all of a sudden became 7 seeing how you were just born last week, or at least that is how it feels.
I remember that day clearly, it was a very good day. I believe your birth foreshadowed your personality. Peaceful and calm.
Everyone who knows you loves you, and that will never change.
You are a wonderful boy, and I am thankful you came to this family.
I hope you always feel loved, I hope you learn lots and remember (you only really learn by making mistakes, so make lots!)
Get as much schooling as possible, but know street smarts matter more.
Be eager to help everyone, but never forget your Family comes first!
Always be best friends with your brothers and sister, one day Dad and I won’t be around, and you will need each other.
If you don’t like who they married-pretend to.
Wear colours, it always looks better.
Laugh so much that you cry and your face and belly hurt, it will always make you feel better.
Get a good job so you have choices.
Have and keep good friends.
And last, they were not called the 10 suggestions!

Pray daily, Work hard, trust God

Love Mom

Also I would love to give a huge shout out (or slap in the back of the head) to the woman who sold me the baby doll at the garage sale today for my daughter.
You promised this thing was broken, and you lied!! It not only cries incessantly, it also giggles like chucky and farts and burps. You have now won top spot on my “to egg” list!!

Ooh the world is right again.

Lastnight I co-hosted a baby shower at my house, it was wonderful. Drew had put up a gazebo on the deck, so we all got to sit outside and visit while eating way too many delicious creations made by many loving hands.
We laughed and talked and had a wonderful night. When most everyone left from the shower some of my girlfriends stayed and we were joined my another, and the laughs continued  until very late....Ooh how the world feels right again!