Monday, June 7

Here I grow.

Today when I went to physio I did the usual; shock box on both my ankle and my back (my back is unhappy with the way my leg turns in whilst I walk now).. it is just one more thing that adds to my most awesome-est swagger.  

So in an attempt to fix that too, Physio guy says to me at the end of my appointment, “ I am going to put you in traction for a bit.”  Well that sure sounds fun.  I might have not been so intimidated had he not had to uncover it from its dusty tarp and crank it to start it up... joking.

Anyway I got all strapped into this thing and PG says, ”it will make you taller.”

“WHAT, for real?”  I will do traction for a year if it will make me taller.  5’6" has served me well for a long time now, but just think of all the amazing things I could do if I was taller.... I could reach the top of my cupboards to get the pretty glasses (not have to ask my 8 year old to do it), dust the tops of my windows, hang Drew’s shirts in his shirt closet, and Dunk.... Ooh the possibilities are endless.

So the entire time I was on this medieval rack I am imagining myself getting all stretched out, eager to find out HOW much taller I will be at the end of it.  Willing my body to allow the growth.

When my time was up I got home as fast as I could, kind of hopped/ran in to the house, burst in the door and asked Sariah and Drew to measure me....

Would you look at that! I am taller!!!!!

At this rate I will be in the WNBA in 20 more years... or never ;)