Thursday, June 3

Run Forest!

Today was a wonderful day!  Today I ran.  I RAN!!!  It's been 79 days since my accident.

It was not for very long, (only 5 minutes and 42 seconds) - it was not very fast, and it was only on a treadmill.  But I ran!

I was pouring with sweat, and it felt great. I have not ran in over 3 months.

I was so happy I did not even mind if PG hooked my up to the shock box today.

I left physio in a great mood, I felt like skipping down the road to the truck.
My good mood continued all the way to Safeway as I picked up a few groceries, I wanted to high-five everyone I saw, I was in such a good mood, I would have even high-fived the guy picking his nose down isle 3...well, maybe not.

I will never take running for granted again.