Sunday, December 5

When J is away, Drew gets...

Hey there... it's Drew again.  I've captured the blog for tonights post.  Actually, captured probably isn't the right word... I'm all alone, there's no-one here beside me (you have to picture Donkey singing it for it to be good).  My problems are all gone, there's no-one to deride me!  Actually J is out of town and unable to post, and I get to tell you all about the my night.

I'd like to say that what happened last night and tonight is isolated - that it has never happened and likely wouldn't ever happen again.  I'd like to say that the planets and stars aligned, angels sang (or something like that) and normalcy happened.  But, that wouldn't make for a very good blog post.  It has happened before, and will happen again.

Let's rewind about 48 hrs to Thursday evening.  J left immediately when I got home to go to a Ladies Christmas party, leaving me to parent.  No big deal... the kids and I had a great night.  I made some fabulous open steak sandwiches which we all gobbled up.  Showers/baths/teeth brushing etc.  We just finish saying prayer when Ethan tells me that he doesn't feel good.  Not a big deal - both Nora and Seth had been a little sick earlier in the week with fevers and headaches.  I check Ethan quickly - no fever, slight stomachache, not cool/clammy etc.  Off to bed with you.  He asks for a bucket and I indulge him, expecting him to just fall asleep and sleep it off.

Not even 5 minutes later the poor kid is puking all over his bed.  Not anywhere even close to the bucket.  He threw up 4 more times before J got home with her friend around 11pm.  When J gets home, Ethan seems to be sleeping and I'm thinking I'm out of the woods.  I've got a drive to Calgary in the morning... should still be able to get 6 hrs of rack time.  J leaves to drive her friend home (maybe a 30 minute round trip), and what do you know... he throws up one more time.  I am just grateful that I was asleep before she got home.

That reminds me of a time about a year ago when I was parenting while J was away again one night.  I don't remember the specifics, and truth be told am only 80% sure that it was Gabe, but I do know that after all the other kids were in bed and I was working on the computer, he came and stood at the top of the stairs, gave a weak cry "Dad", then proceeded to vomit forcefully down the stairs.  Every stair.  It even splattered on the wood floor at the bottom of the stairs.  Awesome.

Fast forward now to tonight.  J was home last night obviously as we went to the party, and we were out pretty late.  Today was not quite a certified nightmare, but to say that Nora was an inconsolable maniac is likely an understatement. We had a good day, helping some friends move some of their stuff to a new place.  Tonight we had some special dad cooking again, and again were just finished the bedtime routine when Gabe says that he doesn't feel good.  Hmmm... fool me once but not twice.  A magical combination of Advil/Gravol and vanilla scent later, he has been in bed for a few hours and has not puked nor gotten up.  He doesn't even feel hot.

I was feeling pretty accomplished by that.  I decided to do some service for my lovely J, and work on the computer on a list of tasks that she had left.  As I'm working, I'm snacking on the type of food that I can only snack on when J is away... chocolate chips, nachos, candy canes etc.  As I'm eating/working I start feeling progressively colder.  Cold enough that I go get my down hiking booties, turn the furnace up, have some hot chocolate.... wait a second... come to think of it I have a headache too... DING DING DING... I wonder why you feel cold you idiot.  Although I'm not feverish yet (I actually did go dig out a thermometer to make sure) I have a pretty good idea where this might be going.

Nonetheless, today:

I am grateful for J.  She is awesome, as I'm sure all of you know, and I must still like her at least a little because I do miss her when she's gone.

I'm grateful for my new Black Infinite visa card.  Well, maybe not grateful for the card but grateful I've made the change.  Figure this... airmiles credit card gives you 1 airmile for every $15 spent (at least my BMO gold card did)... 5000 airmiles for a round trip to New York ticket = $75,000 spend required.  New card... 1.5 aeroplan miles for every $1 spent.... 25,000 aeroplan miles for a round trip to New York ticket = $16,666 spend requirement.  By the way, this is the same type of logic that I once used to prove how much better Canada was than the US after the winter Olympics this year.  Suck it Airmiles.

I am grateful for my kiddos.  Sick and all, they are great.


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Anonymous said...

AWWWWW.... Told you that you are an AWESOME Parent, Drew! L,Joey :0)