Friday, December 10

Tag, your it!

Today has been so painfully long. Apparently there has been a game of tag I was unaware of going on in our house via the stomach flu,  I was tagged, and am now it. Which is not really that bad because I was just one good stomach flu away from my skinny jeans for this weekend, so in a weird way thank you Nora.

Thankfully English Sam took Nora for the afternoon so she could play with her daughter and I could rest a bit. While I was having this alone time I was mentally writing more cards for Immaculate Conception Day, and my blog post for tonight.

We are 2 weeks in to December and I have not done much in the way of Christmas-ish blogging. Quite honestly the last two weeks have been either gross from bodily fluids, or kind of depressing... So today I will tell the story of the Christmas I remember most from when I was a child.

The Christmas I remember most was one after my dad and mom were divorced. My brother and I were still young and my mom had decided to go back to college. In the summer my mom worked for a place called Hire a Student, helping students get jobs. My mom is a very community involved woman. She knew a lot of people and I think in this time of her life, people wanted to help her out with her young family. That Christmas we received a food hamper. It was such a great treat. I can't even imagine what a relief that would have been to a single mom.
 Also that Christmas we had entered our names in a draw and won the SAAN stores draw for a huge stocking that hung from the roof. I think it must have been 12 feet long or so.  Actually there was two stockings. A blue boy stocking and a pink girl stocking. Filled to the brim with every toy and candy you could imagine. They were amazing and we had won them.

It was a wonderful Christmas. I don't remember everything about that time, but I remember the day my mom had brought the two huge stockings home and I remember thinking they were the biggest things I had ever seen in my little life. I was excited to open them and rip all those toys open.

But my mom did not let us do that. My mom had explained how lucky we were and that it was not a good idea for us to keep all of the toys, even though we really wanted to. My mom explained that the best thing we could do, the thing God would want us to do at Christmas was pick one toy out for ourselves, and give the others to children who were not doing well. Children that might have been like us that year.

I am sure, as any child would have been, I must have been a little disappointed, but I don't remember feeling disappointed at all,  the funny thing about that is, to this day Its one of the only Christmas's I actually remember. Thinking back on that fills me with the spirit of Christmas more than anything else does. We were not religious at all when I was young, but my mom would always have us sing Christmas carols every night and we would say the Lords prayer. I think that is why I have always loved Christmas so much. Because of the traditions my mom started for us when we were young. She always made sure we gave to people who were less fortunate than ourselves, a tradition I have loved passing on to our children.

I have no memory what toy I chose to keep for myself from that huge stocking either. Or what Dawson picked. I think my mom actually let us keep two. But I remember how good it felt to win it, and how much better it felt to give it all away. 



I am grateful the day is almost over. 

I am grateful it is almost time to start the 12 days of Christmas. We have found a family who sadly lost their son this year, so we will be starting on Monday Dec. 13th dropping off treats and messages of love to them over the holidays. I hope everyone would do this. You have 4 more days to get ready. It does not need to be extravagant, just done with love. I will be starting ours with cookies.

I am grateful this game of tag is almost over, I don't want to be it anymore.

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