Friday, December 3

A rather surprising self esteem boost from my Plastic surgeon.

Yesterday I had an appointment with the Doctor who did my breast reduction a few years ago. I wanted to meet with him regarding a few things I have developed some concerns about. I have not been quiet about my personal struggle with my self image issues. I have received some council about this in the past from different people. One told me to pray about it, another told me to give my issues to Jesus. WHAT? I found this council frustrating and annoying because I did not know what that even meant, nor how to do it? Nonetheless I tried, and after, I just kept thinking perhaps I did not put enough postage on the letter, because it keeps getting returned to sender??  So I decided the best thing to do instead of make myself completely nuts obsessing about my stomach and hips was to go see my doctor and hear what he has to say. After all, he is the expert on fixing stuff people are not happy with.

The closer it got to the appointment I was starting to get more and more worried that this actually might cause more harm then good. What if when I get there he says that "sure we can fix that", and while I am at it how about I nip this here and tuck this there...? Which I feared would cause me to start disliking more and more about myself,  finding fault in new places.  I was getting so nervous that I almost cancelled my appointment the morning of. I am so thankful I didn't!

When I arrived at his office I went into a room and he came in to see me. He greeted me with a warm smile and asked how he could help me. He asked if I am still happy with the job he did with my reduction and I said absolutely, but I am here about my stomach.
I explained I had carried 4 very large babies and my skin is rather nasty there now. Also I would like you to lipo my hips, they are quite large too.
After listening to everything I had to say, he asked to see my stomach,  I lifted my shirt to show him my belly area, and as I did I closed my eyes in anticipation of his horrified gasp... after I did not hear anything I opened one eye at a time. He was just looking at me with a smile. He said, your babies have caused a bit of skin damage and we could do a tummy tuck on you. He showed and explained everything that would happen. Then he said and you want me to lipo where? I showed him my hips.

He put his hands on my hips and said, "there is nothing there for me to lipo" You have a nice shape, a shape woman come in here and pay a lot of money to get. Also you should know, that if I do the tuck, it might pull the shape on your hips, causing them to not be quite as nice of a shape. (because of how bad my stretch marks are).
He said "you should really think this over carefully, because I think you look fine as you are".

Then the gasp came from me.

This man could have told me anything and I would have believed him, and this is what he told me?
When he finished his assessment I went into a different office and spoke to another woman about the cost associated with the tuck. She handed me a piece of paper with a number I was more then happy with. I would have happily saved and paid that to get work done, but I shoved the paper into my purse still a bit in shock from my talk with the doctor.

He could have made so much money, and what does it matter to him. He could have left me with way more of a complex then I arrived with. And yet, I felt better, I felt prettier. He said I have a great shape, he said I looked very nice and he called ME pretty. My plastic surgeon said I was just fine how I am.

I am not even sure how deep what he said has gone just yet? I am just so glad I went to that appointment.
I can't help but think maybe my letter got to where it needed to go after all?


I am grateful for simple acts of kindness that have huge effects.

I am grateful to be a Canadian, a land of many cultures, and grateful that Seth's school celebrates all of them.  Happy Hanukhah.  Today we made a Menorah at home as Seth stayed home sick from school.  
Adam Sandler- Hanukkah song

I am grateful for Boston Pizza takeout at 11:00pm.  

I am glad I was out tonight when Ethan started vomiting.  Drew doesn't know how I arrange that... every single time.


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Natasha said...

LOL. I have a knack for avoiding vomit of the kids and dog, too. Except for when Lulu threw up in my car recently but that was stupid of me because I knew it was coming.

I smiled warmly when I read "There is nothing there for me to lipo". And when he said that women come in for your shape, I laughed. Not out of derision, of course. But because I was really happy to hear that. Your babies WERE ginormous and I understand wanting to take care of the stretched out skin that so many women get (probably the majority). But I wasn't really sure either what in particular you'd get sucked out of your hips.

You're perfectly welcome to spend the money you set aside for the patches of fat at the top of my thighs.