Wednesday, December 15




I am trying to actually be grateful when what I really want to do it smash the he-double hockey stick out of the mail box with a baseball bat because I am PMS'ing and no one in this house seems to remember anything that needs to get done around here except me.....I need a tranquilizer. 

So, without snarling...

I am grateful for the mani/pedi's Sam and i got today, that was a much needed relaxing afternoon, and I LOVE the colour!

I am grateful I finally have a Christmas tree up. Now it feels like Christmas.

I am grateful for how good it makes me for doing the 12 days of Christmas for someone else. I actually think I am getting more out of it then they are. 

(Do not forget, today is day 3)

I am resuming my snarling now.


Natasha said...

Ya, I'm actually not getting anything out of it, so far.

I love that company that makes those coasters, napkins, etc. And that one is like, 70% true.

J said...

Well, I am glad you are doing it for someone, maybe by day 5 you will feel something???