Saturday, December 18

Party Crashers and Christmas Miracles

Today was the second Christmas miracle of the holidays so far. Do you remember a few weeks back when I talked about the episode of Oprah when she did her favorite things? Her last favorite things ever? Remember when I said I actually cried when she gave her audience a set of Julia Child's favorite cookware Le Creuset, made in France? 

Well, this morning after I dropped Seth off at school, English Sam and I were at Value Village finding things for her new house here because I had a 30% off coupon.
She stumbled on two pots made by Le Creuset. Now these pots were in very good condition, but were only the pots. She picked them up and showed me. I sighed, that is an excellent find Sam. She says, ya, but there are no lids. 
I said, you could still use them on the cook top. 
She says ya, but with no lids?
Then she put them back. Which in Value Village etiquette means they are now fair game.
I go pick them up. 
She says, you are going to take them without lids?
Just then a lady who works there passes by, I say to her, excuse me, is there any chance the lids are in the back somewhere and you have not brought them out yet?
She now has 2 other woman with her, and they all say, no, sorry. We all checked for them too, because we all liked them.
SO I said to Sam (this is the honest truth, I actually said this)... Well, I have faith they will turn up. One day I will come and there will be two lids on the shelves and then I will get them. Value Village is a magical place.
She looked at me funny as I flipped them over and saw they were $5 and $7 (they are normally $500 for a set of 5).  Plus I get an additional 30% off.
We go pay for our things and go out to the cars. I pulled away, waiting for Sam to follow me and I had no idea why she was taking so long.  When she finally gets to where I am, she says that just as she was getting ready to leave, one of the ladies came racing out and stopped her. 
Excuse me lady, are you the person who bought the pots?
Sam says my friend is, the lady hands her 2 lids and says we found them in the back!!!!!!

I love Value Village!!! And can you even believe it is in the colour I would have chosen too had Oprah given it to me?!?! Honestly, it is a true Christmas Miracle!  And one that Sam is none too pleased about... giggle.

Unrelated to the cooking Christmas Miracle, I received a phone call from a friend of ours inviting us to her work Christmas Party. We do not work for her, but she said the tickets for the dinner were already purchased and a few of her employees cancelled last minute, leaving a few extra seats. Would we like to come?
Heck Ya! 
So Drew and I got all dressed up and we to a fancy-shmancy resturant and ate delishious food, visited with wonderful people and listened to a live band. It was really great. 


First, I need to tell everyone in the entire world, screaming it from the rooftops how grateful I am for Melanie today.  Who completely saved my parental bacon when she went and purchased my children a special lunch from McDonalds and dropped it off at their school, because it was their last day of school before Christmas break and I had promised them a special lunch and then couldn't make it back.  Melanie, I am forever in your debt.  

I am grateful to live in Canada... check out this snow picture.

Today I am really grateful for the 12 days of Christmas that my family is doing.  I felt really good about getting to give the family we chose today's surprise. I love that my children are enjoying this so much and I'd like to think this is maybe making this time of year a little more tolerable for her. Don't forget, today is day 6 people!

Have a wonderful weekend, and Merry Christmas!


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