Wednesday, December 29

Our Awesome Day at the Slopes that Ended with the Fuzz

My parents gift to us this year was a day of skiing/snowboarding.  The children were berserk with excitement as this was their first time snowboarding (or skiing).  We headed out to Nakiska (in Kananaskis) Monday morning and I just wanted to share with you a few highlights of the day!

Us heading out to Nakiska.  The kids were pretty excited!
So excited in fact that this is what Ethan did the entire time, even when we asked him to look at the beautiful mountains.

Cool picture of Drew.
While we drove through the mountains we were telling Nora those were the mountains she was going to ski down; Nora was getting scared saying she wanted to go home because she didn't want to die.

I love Canada!

After a ridiculous amount of time waiting for lift tickets and rentals, the boys had their snowboarding lesson.  And pretty much took to it like fish in water.

Ethan is a natural.

Such a ham.

My mom got Nora ski's and boots and loving adults toted her up and down the hill the entire day.  She loved every second of it.

Thanks Mom for the awesome day of skiing!

Seth is rad!

Gabe... funny man.

We quite literally had to peel Ethan off the hill at the end of the day.

After we left the hill we went back to my parents trailer (camping at Mt. Kidd) and we exchanged gifts.  It's Ethan's birthday tomorrow and Uncle Dawson gave him his birthday present early.  It was a snowboard and bindings and my parents bought him new boots.  This is him seeing the snowboard for the first time.

It's pretty much all we've heard about for three whole days.

Seth... you are so funny!  You are such a cool kid.

Waiting for dinner.
Here's where the fuzz comes into the story... after we left my parents trailer heading back to Calgary to the hotel/hot tub/visit with Aunty Kelly we got about 15min away and my mom phoned to say we had left Nora's snow suit in the trailer (clearly something we can't live without).  Drew & I thought it would be best for me to jump in with Dawson (following us in his truck) and go back and get the suit while Drew took the kids to the hotel.  Also I need to explain that earlier in the day my brother thought it would be festive to decorate the cab of his truck with Christmas lights.  So as we are driving back to the trailer a police officer drives past us and flicks his lights on but doesn't pull us over.  Not thinking much of it we get to the trailer, grab the snow suit and get back on the road.  On our way back to the city we pass the same police officer again (going a little faster this time) with the Christmas lights still aglow in the cab.  But this time he was not as kind and pulled us over.  When he got to the window he informed us (not sure if anybody else knows) that having Christmas lights in the cab of your truck has a penalty of a $400 fine and 6 demerit points.  To which we both nervously laughed, turned on the charm and said we thought he was being festive before by flicking his lights on, saying Merry Christmas to us.  He was a kind man and only gave a $78 ticket and a warning to not be festive in the cab of a truck ever again.  Thank you Fuzz and Merry Christmas.

On the way home the next day we stopped off so the kids could get a picture with the Polar bear at Bass Pro Shop at the Crossiron Mills shopping mall.  It was a wonderful couple of days and both Drew and I agree this is really the fun part of parenting.  



I am unbelievably grateful for my mother who surprised us with the news that she is taking us to Disneyland next year for Christmas.  I don't know who is more excited, her or the kids.  It's going to be a really good time.

I am grateful there was no major accidents while we were on the hill, only a minor one with my dad catching a pole in the throat.  Looks pretty bad but he says it's not terrible.

I am grateful for Dawson for passing on the snowboarding bug to our three little men; Ethan has been infected the most though.  

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