Friday, December 24

The night before the night before Christmas

Today was full of exactly everything I would want it to be filled with right before Christmas. 

Laughing, Friends, Time with family, Lights, the Nativity, and gift wrapping.

After dinner we went and saw the live Nativity at our church, complete with live animals (sheep, a lama and a donkey). A few years ago I helped make this new set, isn't it beautiful? It's our family tradition to go Christmas Eve, however this year it isn't showing tomorrow night, so we went tonight instead!

After the Nativity we took a drive and looked at all the lights around town.

We then found this house that Melanie told me about... It was amazing. The lights were synchronized to a local radio station so when we tuned the truck radio to the radio station the music was in time with the lights flashing.  It was sensational!  I think I have found a project for Drew for next year.

Then we came home and watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation while we finished wrapping gifts. 

What an excellent day.



I am grateful Drew got home safe from a week of being away. I was really missing him.

I am grateful I have such a wonderful babysitter that I trust so much. I used her a lot this week. 

I am grateful for my family. I am a lucky girl. I know I constantly say how funny they are, but they really are quite hysterical. This is what Nora did this afternoon, and I almost peed.

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Erin Mac said...

We went and seen that house as well in Stony - it was wonderful - I was very impressed and Sean was all over that idea...LOL....too bad we are hoping to move from Da'Hood in the next year :(
Hope you and your family have a very wonderful Merry Christmas! xo