Tuesday, December 21

My gift from Physio guy

This afternoon I had physio and to my surprise physio guy had a special gift waiting for me.
When I arrived he asked me to lay face down on the physio table and had warm heating pads ready for my back. It was wonderful. Then after 20 minutes of the heating pads he started lightly rubbing my back, progressively getting harder and harder...wow, that does not feel so relaxing anymore.

Hey is that your elbow jammed into the middle of my back? Why are you putting all your weight on that spot?
Ouch, hey!
Gasp...gasp, Physio guy, yup, that hurts right there...
Tapping out tapping out.... please let this end soon.

Sigh.... Finally, he is done.
wait, what? Now it's time for needles?

This is one crappy Christmas gift buddy!


I am grateful I got to sleep in until 9am this morning!!! I love the holidays!

I am grateful Nora did not knock out her teeth when she fell face first onto the steps when she was coming inside. She did not even put her hands out to break her fall. Thankfully it was her chin that took the impact and not her pearly whites.

I am grateful for our babysitter today so I could go to physio.

I am grateful for my friends at physio. They make it so pleasant to be there. I am grateful for how much we all laugh.


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