Monday, December 20

Merry Christmas Monday

We had a great weekend, I hope it was wonderful for everyone.
Sunday morning the family we have been doing the 12 days of Christmas for ambushed Ethan on one of his drop offs and scared the total crap out of him. It was absolutely hilarious. He came barreling down the road yelling. I am still chuckling just thinking about it. Later Sunday afternoon the couple came by with goodies of their own and they shared with us how much they have enjoyed and appreciated our 12 days of Christmas. The husband told us the story of how he was waiting to startle Ethan, and he was smiling so big and laughing while telling us.
I have to tell you, seeing them both smiling and laughing and clearly happy has made my whole week. I am so happy they are having an nice holiday season.

Later on Drew and I did a Nativity reading with the children. They really love hearing Drew read.  (Check out Drew's shirt, I found it at Old Navy! It says Griswold Family Christmas.)

After Drew was done reading we asked the kids some questions about what the wise men gave baby Jesus. They answered Gold, Frankenstine, and Murf. My kids are so funny

Today for Music Monday I of course am doing a few Christmas songs. I decided to post a few of  my personal favorites to help get you through the last few days. This one is my all time favorite Christmas song. This version is a little different, but is nice too.

Celtic Women-Carol Of The Bells

I always love Elvis.

Blue Christmas-Elvis

I love this song so much, I actually listened to the CD on repeat for hours when I was in labour with Seth.

I have seen these guys live, AMAZING!

Oh Holy Night-Il Divo


I am grateful the children are now on holidays for 2 weeks and I get to sleep in tomorrow!!!.

I am Grateful for this season and how good it felt today knowing we have helped someone feel good this Christmas.

I am grateful there are only 5 more days, I am getting really excited to watch the kids Christmas morning.

I am grateful for my dear friends who make me laugh.


Don't forget day 8


Amy said...

Carol of the Bells is my favourite too! :)

Melissa Haavind said...

I love Drew's shirt! I noticed that right away!