Friday, December 17

Lets try that again

I would like to first say that I am recanting yesterdays blog title. After thinking about it (and getting a semi good night sleep) I did not like that I called myself a "bad" mom. By doing so suggested to others that have had similar experiences that perhaps they too are "bad" mothers.

THIS IS NOT AT ALL WHAT I THINK OR FEEL. I know I am a delightful mother, slightly disturbed.. and if by chance my children hear a not so good word from me once in a while, heck even if they hear it a lot, that does not define me as a whole, all it means is that I am still a work in progress.

So I would like to re-title yesterdays post Confessions Of A Rather Good, Borderlining Great, But Not So Hot Today Mother, Who Is Still A Work In Progress. I think every mother is entitled to poo-ish days and if they don't have those days (or choose to not be honest about them) to you I say "Good Day".

Today was a little better day. Drew's 6 pm flight was delayed until midnight last night, so I got to spend the evening alone and watching TV. I did have the intention of exercising, but then I didn't. So instead I watched this new show called Storage Wars, now that is one awesome waste of time. I LOVED that show. Not as much as I enjoyed Sister wives, but close.

This afternoon I had a physio appointment. I have not been to physio in about a month. After I hurt my back I took a little break.  It was good to visit with Physio guy again, I have missed him!

Unrelated, I would also like to add to my all time favorite Christmas movie list Trading Places with Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy. I found it tonight at Walmart and I remember watching it when I was younger. Funny Funny!


Let me tell you how grateful I am for my truck!!! We got 40 cm of snow yesterday and its crazy out there. My truck glides over that mess like a hot knife on butter. 

I am grateful for a night out shopping. I am almost done Christmas stuff.

I am grateful for Landon who helped construct 2 Christmas gifts for me. You are the BOMB!!!


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