Saturday, December 11

Holiday movie traditions

When I was growing up, every Christmas our family would watch Christmas themed movies to get into the holiday spirit. As I think over some of our family favorites I laugh to myself, we were kind of demented! 

Today I have compiled a list of my favorite Christmas movies and why I love them and watch them every year.

10-Charlie Brown Christmas. This is an obvious classic, the fact that its actually not really great is trumped by that fact that it has history. 

9-Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer. Another bad movie, but a classic.

8-Home Alone. But only number one.  I remember the first time Dawson and I watched this show. So fun! 

7-How The Grinch Stole Christmas. the cartoon version, not Jim Carey's. 
I was going to put The Polar Express here but the first time it came out Drew took Ethan to go see it and they ended up leaving because Ethan got scared of the 3D train.

6-Die Hard. Not an obvious Christmas tale, but it was set at Christmas time. 

5-The Ref. NOT a family show, but it makes me laugh so hard every time I actually cry.

4-Rocky IV. Rocky fights Ivan Drago and its Christmas time too. There is no better scene than when he lifts the cart with everyone on it, and when he outruns the Russian Secret service. 

3- A Christmas Story. Sam and Monika sent this to me when I broke my ankle. It's their  family favorite and I had never seen it. One of my new favorites! Thank you guys for sharing

2-Any Christmas episode of The Office.  Super funny but because that is not a "movie" number 2 can be shared with Elf. I love Will Ferrell. I love listening to the kids laugh watching the pop scene.

And for #1 there is a tie (as with most of my top ten lists)-National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. All time classic! Love this show. And every single episode of Oprah's Favorite Things at Christmas.

And of course so I don't come off completely sacrilegious. I do love watching The Nativity Story. There are two I like, one by Hollywood and one put out by the LDS church called Joy To The World. It is a short, beautiful reading of Luke 2, with acting and music. It always makes me feel good. 



I am grateful for the Woman in the red van at Tim Horton's who paid for mine and Nora's lunch. Thank you very much and Merry Christmas!

I am grateful it is the weekend.

I am grateful for my in laws!

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