Thursday, December 30

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Happy Happy Birthday Ethan!!!

Today my little man Ethan is turning 9 years old. It is so cliche to say, but I feel old, and where did the time go?
As I do with every special birthday I have a few things to offer you on your special day.

Dearest Little Bear,

You are pure joy my darling boy. You are the sweetest, most caring child a parent could have. You have a beautiful soul and a tender nature that I am thankful to be around.
You are getting older now and your world is not one I have complete control over anymore. You are a very smart boy, and I trust your judgment, but please remember not everyone you will encounter in this life will be trustworthy. So please pick your friends and associates carefully. There will be times you are hurt, but you will learn much from those times and will heal and be better for them. Learn the importance of good friends early.

You are a born leader, and are a very smart boy. Please use your leadership power wisely. Others will naturally follow you, so be careful not to lead others down shady paths. You are not responsible for the choices others make, but you have a charisma and charm others will be drawn to. Sometimes that will feel like a curse, but it is actually a blessing when used well. Always listen to what others have to say then make the decision that's right for you; you will be more valuable to the world if you are a good listener and be sincere because people can tell when you're not. Choose the right that's right for you.

Please please PLEASE get as much education as possible. You have been blessed with your fathers brain and knack for learning. Do not waste it!!!  You are a brilliant person, I am very excited to see what path you choose in life. I know whatever you decide to do, you will do it brilliantly!
And to be clear, you can choose any path you want, we will support you always. I just want you to be happy. But you have a God given gift and it is not to be ignored.

Stay the HELL away from drugs. I know and appreciate everyone in this life is entitled to their own journey. But I will literary end you if you ever touch that crap. Drugs take you no where good. Period!

Always give every young lady a fair chance. Just because one might be pretty to look at does not mean she is worth your time. Make sure you always treat every girl with kindness and respect.

Happy Birthday on your special day my little man.  Know that it has been an honour and privilege to be your mother thus far. Thank you for choosing our family to come to.



I am grateful that you are a healthy child. You had a rough start but have really evened out.

I am grateful that you still enjoy spending time with me and the rest of our family. It means a lot to me.

I am grateful that you love to read. Don't ever lose that. You can go anywhere in a book!

I am grateful for your curiosity in life and your adventurous spirit.

We are so grateful for your humour.  It truly seems that you have inherited the best of both dad and I and we could not be more proud.

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