Saturday, December 4

Drive-by laughing

Tonight was our church's Christmas party.  And one of the ladies (a dear friend of mine, Lindsay) who goes to church with us came up to me and said - "Joelle, I have the funniest story to tell you."  I prepared myself for what I was about to hear, a part of me being nervous that I would be embarrassed by what she might say.  All I could do is shake my head when she told me that a few weeks ago, she was driving past our house on the way to go visit another lady that we know when something caught her eye.  

To her astonishment it was Nora.  Nora was out on our front lawn in her bathing suit.  Not only was she in her bathing suit, but she had no shoes and was dancing and tiptoeing through the snow whilst carrying something.  Lindsay finishes the story by saying that it took her a while to figure out what she was holding, but she's pretty sure she was holding her potty dumping her pee all over the snow.  On my front lawn.  In a bathing suit.  Barefoot.  Can you even imagine how proud I must feel?

She was laughing so hard her eyes were watering and her face while telling the story had this beautiful smile and I couldn't help but be completely overjoyed that my comical daughter brought such a good chuckle to my friends day.


I am grateful that the stars seem to be aligning for Sam and Dean.  

I am grateful that Drew drove safely on his day trip to Calgary today. 

I am grateful for the wonderful time I had with good friends tonight at our church Christmas party.  

I am grateful for funny, happy and healthy beautiful children.


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