Thursday, December 23

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, 

For Christmas this year all I would like is some sleep. I am exhausted. I have gone to bed late every night this week. So sleep is all I want.

Sleep and a new top from Anthro, but mostly sleep.

A new top from Anthro and a new cookie sheet. Ya, a cookie sheet. Thats all.

Sleep, a cookie sheet, and new lulu lemon pants. Anthro top on the side.  But still mostly sleep.

Ooh and of course a trip to NYC, but sleep too. 

Thanks Santa.



I am grateful this long day is over, I took the children to the pottery painting place in Spruce Grove and we all had a wonderful time painting things and having fun until Nora lost her mind. Then the fun ended.

I am grateful Drew is home tomorrow. 

I am grateful for Jordon and Landon and how much we laughed tonight. Thank you guys!

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