Monday, December 6

Christmas Music Monday!

I have had a great weekend. I got to help Sam and Dean move into their new house, which was mixed with a ton of excitement and a tiny little bit of sadness as they now have their own place; they won't be coming over Sunday night to use our shower and enjoy my baking.  Saturday afternoon I drove to my Mom's place to visit with her, my Dad, brother Dawson and sister in law Kelly. It was a fun night; we watched Eclipse and visited. It's good to get away alone once in a while. I also got to visit on this trip a dear friend of mine, Maryann; it's always so wonderful to chat with her.

Visiting with friends that I love has gotten me into the Christmas spirit. So for this music Monday, I found a new Christmas album that I think is pretty awesome. I want to share it with everybody. I'll pick up the whole album sometime this week, but I found some clips of it for you to listen to. My favorite is clip two.

Annie Lennox-A Christmas Cornucopia

I would love to hear what your favorite Christmas album is... I could really use a pickup in my collection.

Also on the long drive to my Mom's my favorite radio station, 102.3 Now Radio cuts out just before Red Deer forcing me to listen to drab, boring commercial filled radio stations. And Drew's car doesn't have satellite radio - I just about lost my friggin mind. But while I was channel surfing psychotically, I stumbled on this song and while it was playing I used the Shazaam iPhone app to see what it was called and who the artist was. *Cough* Of course I pulled over to do that safely *Cough*.

Mixtape-Tift Merritt

And in tribute to the Grey Cup halftime show last weekend, here is some BTO.

BTO-You Aint Seen Nothing yet


I am so unbelievably grateful that I was not home when the other kids got sick this weekend.

I am grateful for the visit with my family. 

I am grateful for my friends who talked me through the drive home so I didn't fall asleep. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I am grateful for the clean house I came home to after being away. You are a good man Drew. 



English Sam said...

We are both very sad that we do not get to enjoy your baking on Sundays, do you deliver?

J said...

For you guys... absolutely!