Monday, December 27

Another fantastic day to dance, Music Monday!

Regardless of how your weekend was (I hope it was fantastic!), I have a superior Music Monday for everyone.

An excellent collection of tunes to get you moving and bouncing to start this week off.

I have a serious rock music thing right now.

Marianas Trench-Cross MY Heart

All American Rejects-Gives You Hell

ATTENTION THERE IS A CACA WORD IN THIS SONG!!!! In case you are not rocking out alone and there are little ones with you!
Mumford & Sons-Little Lion Man

State Of Shock-Money Honey

Nickelback - Rockstar


I am grateful for having a few more days of Christmas break with the children. 

I am grateful for a dishwasher. I hate washing dishes by hand.

I am grateful for a clean house.

I am grateful for the opportunity I have every few Sundays to teach at church. I love the Ladies I teach, and I love how warm and open they make me feel.