Thursday, November 11

Why I remember

November 11 is a big deal to me. It always has been, ever since I can remember. We used to have Remembrance Day ceremonies in school and I would feel a well of emotion in my chest when we had the moment of silence and Taps was played. 

Drew and I both feel it is important for the children to pay their respects and honour those who have sacrificed and offered so much. 

I will not forget.

Today on this remembrance day:

I am grateful for young men and women who serve in our Military, giving up so much, and sometimes suffering for years after because of their selfless service.

I am grateful for the families who are behind these soldiers, enduring much heartache because of it.

I am grateful I have this beautiful country, and for the freedoms I enjoy. 

I am grateful for men and women in all public service positions who work to keep our lives in order and safe. 

I am grateful this life is not the end, and those that have been taken early, will see their loved ones again. 


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