Tuesday, November 9

Today could have been worse; no... better; no... worse; no... better

I got myself a little job, a tiny little itty bitty job. My plan is to help my friend Nerissa with her woodworking business during her busy season, and the money I make will be my spending money for New York and Vegas. Excellent plan if I do say so myself!

It's excellent in many ways. The work is something I can do, I do not need to do it everyday, Nora can come with me, the people I work with are wonderful, and I don't need to shower before I go because I am going to get really really dirty while working. The last one is what makes it the perfect job for me right now.

This morning was my first day, Nora and I woke up, got dressed in rough clothes, did not shower, comb my hair or brush my teeth (I actually just forgot to brush my teeth, I seldom if ever forget to do something so vital and would normally never divulge this very personal bit of information, but it becomes important later).

We packed a lunch and a few snacks, and off we went to day one of work. Nora walked over to the truck while I stumbled to get the keys out. When I walked up to her, she was doing this to my truck with a giant rock.

Perfect frigging start to the day.
I called Drew and he seemed to think it could be buffed out.... sweet little girl.

When we arrived at the warehouse, I got to help make these and many other treasures.

I chatted with Nerissa and the guys all day. It was fun.
Nora had a fantastic time too, the guys that work there treated her so wonderfully. They never got annoyed, or grumpy; this is such a great setup for us.

Around 3 pm I had to start packing up because Drew was picking up Seth and I wanted to be home for the boys. Nora desperately needed a bath. She was very literally covered head to toe in sawdust and her hands were black from stain.
I too needed a shower and food, I was so hungry as I had not eaten all day.

I packed up everything and just as I was climbing into the truck my phone rang.
Hi Joelle, its the dentist office.
Ooh hi, how are you?
Well, we are wondering if you will make your appointment 5 minutes ago?
CRAP!! Yes I will be right over.

I totally forgot I had made this appointment to check my tooth. It has been aching a little, I figured it's just my sensitive teeth, but I would always rather be safe than sorry.
I jumped into the truck and started it up. Ooh no, I look like a pig dog right now!! (A pig dog is a technical term describing a ratty looking woman who smells, has uncombed hair, TEETH THAT ARE NOT BRUSHED (remember I am headed to the dentist) sloppy jeans that are way too big for her, a nasty shirt and a dirty sweater) you know - a pig-dog.

When I got there I was so embarrassed but I figured I will just be 20 minutes; they will check my teeth, tell me I need a special tooth paste and send me on my way. Well, that's what I thought... turns out one of my teeth was broken because I clench my jaw so hard. And it was so bad they needed to freeze my face and fix it right there. Two hours of WONDERFUL!!

What a day.

When I got home, I still looked like a pig dog, only now I look like a pig-dog who just had a stroke. The left side of my face is frozen up to my eyeball, and ear, I am drooling because I can't feel anything and I am still really hungry.

After my shower I went to go lay on the couch to rest (because my face hurts) and Gabe brought me the mail and that's when my day brightened a little. English Sam had bought me a birthday present in September and has been rather annoyed it had not arrived for so long, well, guess what came today?!  My first issue of my birthday subscription to the Jamie Oliver magazine!

As if I didn't love this guy enough already, in a lot of the pictures the food is presented on dishes from ANTHROPOLOGIE!!!! Sigh....I knew he was perfect! 
So now I am reading and re-falling in love with Mr. Jamie Oliver all over again.. What perfect timing you have Sam. Also my Tylenol 4'S are not so bad either.

The only problem I have now is I am drooling all over because my face is still frozen, and I am reading through the magazine getting really really hungry.



I am grateful that my friends let me enjoy the successes of their children. I really believe in the old adage "It takes a village to raise a child" and it warms my heart when others allow me to be a part of their children's lives, and when they participate in my children's. 

I am so grateful!!!! While I am sitting here writing this Drew is picking out a formal outfit to an awards ceremony he has to go to tomorrow and he just tried on his suit and the pants are at least 4 sizes too small.

I am grateful that in this magazine one of the advertisements says "you can ask Jamie" SO if I tweet Jamie Oliver a question about cooking he will answer. I can feel my face getting red with excitement, I am going to learn how to tweet tonight!

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Natasha said...

I was JUST thinking last night that you need to get on Twitter. I'll hook you up with my funny Mormon friends.

I love Sam. I LOVE YOU, SAM! I'm glad she's there to take care of you.

You totally sounded like a pig-dog. Funny, considering how fussy you can be.

Don't you just love Jamie Oliver's lisp? Oh! And do you know that I mention him in one of my poems, along with that lush, gorgeous Nigella Lawson?

Oh, and I think moderating comments is stupid.

The end.