Monday, November 15

Songs to start another week

This weekend has been so full. There has been laughing, crying, tooth aches, late bowls in a rainbow of colours, a bull jumping into the stands at the rodeo, everything a girl could ask for.

So for this Music Monday I wanted to pick the perfect mixture of beat and bliss for everyone starting yet another 5 day stretch.

Travie Mccoy-Billionaire

I love this new song!

GNR-Sweet Child O Mine

There Ain't no school like the old school!

Asher Roth-G.R.I.N.D.

Monika sent me this song a week ago, I thought it was great!

Life Is A Highway- Rascal Flatts

I seldom like remixes, but I actually prefer this to the original. 


I am very grateful for the kind response I have received concerning my post yesterday. 
This morning right before I woke, I was in that place between sleep and awake where things are wonderful and you have no problems. Then I woke up just enough to remember what I wrote and this instant shot of dread and panic hit me. I sat right up, my heart pounding, wondering "what on earth have I just done?" I ran downstairs and turned on the computer, I saw only 3 people had read it so far, and for a brief second I considered removing it. Then I had this sweet flood of peace come over me, and I felt like it was okay what I had written. I was still nervous about what others might say or not say, because, lets face it, its a difficult topic to approach, but I felt a confirmation that all will be well. And what I had done (by sharing it) was right.

One of the many letters I received later in the day was from a dear friend of mine and she opened up to me and told me she too had a similar experience when she was young. She said 

"i was watching my kids dance and sing in the living room while the music was blasting. they are so carefree and sure of themselves for the most part. they aren't shy or withdrawn. they are funny. they are happy. and i smiled, and thought, this is how i would've been if it weren't for the incident....I'm so glad they are still safe. I'm so glad they are happy and can sing their heart out and dance their cares away without feeling stupid and insecure. they aren't afraid to dance, sing, be happy, or even talk to people. and it's almost like a second chance. and I'm grateful for that."

I feel that same way when I look at my children. I wonder if I would have been different, how would I have been different. I know this has changed me, I wonder if its possible to regain some of what was lost? 

I am grateful I have more life ahead of me to find out.

I am grateful for your support. Some of you I don't know, and some I do, thank you to both.


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