Wednesday, November 3

Small amusements

Our oldest son Ethan hates vegetables. Really really hates veggies. I have no idea why, he just does. Come to think about it he hates most fruit too. He will eat it, but does not like it at all. Rarely (but it has happened) during dinner, eating veggies will evoke a gagging reaction from him. It's horrible to watch. It's like those terrible shows where one person vomits, causing the next person to yack, then after seeing two other people vomit, it causes the third person to spew in a disgusting chain reaction that immediately ends dinner no matter how good it was.

 I thought it was maybe just cooked veggies that caused this very unpleasant reaction, but I try and send him beautiful garden fresh carrots, or crisp celery, organic strawberries, or plump firm grapes for his lunch and 100% of the time they come back home with him. Thankfully/endearingly he is not wise enough to just throw them in the garbage at school and lie about it. So once he is home he eats them while doing homework.

The rest of our family truly enjoys fruits and veggies. Most of the time Gabe and Seth will only eat Veggies during meal time, and often pass on meat. It is rather strange, but it is what it is. I am convinced Ethan only gags when he sees veggies, if he doesn't know they are there, he will be fine. 

I thought long and hard about this on the drive this morning to drop off Seth (which I got to do alone because Nora slept in, she slept in because she had a night from HELL, so Drew worked from home and stayed with her).

I decided today I was going to make lasagna and a dessert, and my goal for this meal was to see how many veggies I could cram into it before it literally blew up from being too full. I decided before bed time Ethan would eat at least 2 cups of veggies. Not only would he eat them, but like it too.

In the lasagna I put (aside from the obvious hamburger, noodles, cottage cheese and a 4 cheese blend)
- 3 cups of minced mushrooms
-1.5 onions (these were sauteed with garlic)
-1 small zucchini
-loads of tomatoes (2 cans of sauce)
-green and yellow peppers
-1 avocado
-1 small eggplant

I cut all of these up super small and fried them first. All except the avocado, I mushed it up and spread that over one of the meat layers. 

We also had a side salad, which he ate.

Then for dessert I made box of low fat brownies and put an entire mushed avocado in that too. 

I was nervous because you could see the green layer of avocado, but I dished up his plate, and he ate the entire thing with ZERO complaint, until the end, when there was 4 pieces of veggies on his plate. 2 peppers, and 2 onions. I told him to eat them and the gagging began again... WHATEVER!! You just ate 6 million veggies with no problems, but 4 little veggies and YACK??!!

Ethan is so much like Drew. When Ethan was a baby Drew use to wretch like that when he changed Ethan's diapers. He actually used to wear a full decontamination mask to change him. It made me laugh so hard I could barely breath.

But, I was very proud of him, so I gave him a huge piece of brownie and ice cream. Which he devoured with no complaints. Everyone said they loved it. (Maniacal laughter)

I am feeling pretty smug. I don't have much in the day to entertain me, so I find these ridiculous little challenges amusing. I have been a stay at home mom for 9 years now and my brain is fried. Crazy to think in less than 2 years I will have no children at home during the day, I will be a grown up again.... sigh, I am starting to look forward to working again...  actually what I should say is working LESS and getting paid for it. Paid in money not boogers!



I am grateful Drew has provided us a life where I have been able to stay home with our children. It is a blessing not all mothers get. I do feel being home and serving my family in this capacity has brought me joy and given me insight to aspects of myself I would not have seen otherwise. I do love caring for my family, and I am thankful they are getting better able to care for themselves.

I am grateful the weather has been so beautiful, I wore shorts today, it was great. 

I am grateful next week is the CFR (Canadian Finals Rodeo) I am really excited.

I am grateful that when I was younger, my friend Amy's mom bought a huge bag of peanut butter cups for Halloween. I am sure that bag had 200 individually wrapped treats in it. One day after school Amy and I went to her house and we ate almost all of that bag. I was so sick from eating all of those, that, to this day, I still can not eat peanut butter cups, the thought of it gives me the warm saliva's and makes me want to throw up... and for that I am thankful because my children have loads upstairs in their treat bags.

Late addition:  Five and a half hours later while talking to Drew about dinner, he says the lasagna was great but the brownies were not his favorite.  They apparently could have used chocolate chips or nuts. 

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your blog just utterly warms my heart and makes me laugh out loud. mwah!