Thursday, November 4

The real 100!

So my math is not fantastic. The other day I thought I had published my 100th post, turns out I miscounted. It was actually only 97, but this post, right now is my 100th. 

Yay for my improved math skills.

To celebrate I had a day of 100's...

My shower this morning was 100 seconds long.

Driving Seth this morning took 100 years.

I only asked the children 100 times to pick up after themselves.

I did 100 loads of laundry today.

I answered 100 texts today.

My friend Natasha pretty much got 100% on her English paper.

I took way more then 100 steps today.

I feel like I have gained 100 pounds.

I had 100 laughs today with friends. 

I did 100 dishes.

My poor friend Renae has 100 more sleepless nights ahead of her.

I helped Nora pee on the potty 100 times.

I said no to the boys 100 times when they asked for more candy.

Nora and I listened to So what by Pink 100 times, and we watched Beauty and the Beast 100 times too.

After school we went to get hair cuts for the children, and I said sit still 100 times.

I asked the children to eat their dinner over 100 times.

At physio I took 100 deep breaths. 

It felt like I had 100 needles in the back.

I feel like I will be at physio 100 more times before I get better.

Sam and Dean were here when I returned from Physio, I could visit with them for 100 years.

Sam has been very sick, the doctor says it Kidney Stones, I bet it feels like there are 100 in there. (okay that one was really pathetic)

Sam had her mother bring over 100 treats from England for me.

I am going to gain another 100 pounds.

I wish I could sleep 100 hours tonight.

I just wrote my 100th post. Counted 100 times to make sure;)

Not all of us can do great things.
But we can do small things with great love
~Mother Teresa



I am grateful Drew did not throw away the game card he got from Safeway after buying groceries. When Seth opened it, it was an instant winner. We thought at first it was the trip, but it was a pen, wallet and passport holder. Still exciting though. It was worth 100 dollars (plus $20)

I am grateful tomorrow is a new day and one day Physio guy will fix my back so I will be my old self  again. Not the100 year old woman that I feel like.

I am grateful there is only 100 more days (plus 47) until I go to New York.

I am grateful there is only 7 more days until the CFR and not 100

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