Friday, November 26

Possibly the best birthday gifts ever

One of my all time favorite shows is The Office... so I thought I'd show you a few little clips from the best show in the universe to end the week.  If you haven't seen The Office yet, honestly, what are you doing with your time?  And don't tell me some garbage like serving others, self improvement, saving the whales, blah blah blah.  Kick back and waste a little time.  Enjoy!


I am grateful for our dear friends Sam and Monika - look what they sent us for mine and Drew's birthday presents! Mine is the blue, Drew's is the black.  We LOVE them and can't wait to wear them.  Thanks guys!  PS - We are counting down the days until you guys move up here.


1 comment:

Sam and/or Monika said...

haha, those shirts were screaming your names!