Thursday, November 25

My top 10 parenting moments today

10- I was 36 minutes late dropping Seth off for school. It would not normally be a big deal but he missed the hello song (his favorite) and a session with his Occupational Therapist. Again not a huge deal because he does not need OT as much as he needs speech, the part that made me feel like a crap parent was when he cried about missing it and told me its okay mom, you tried your best. 

ooh, give me the knife and I will stab my own self in the heart. 

9- Taking a sick little girl to the mall to try and do some Christmas shopping. 

8-Taking said sick girl to the Disney store, and having some deluded thought she would be okay just looking. 

7-Forgetting the sick girls Tylenol at home while being out all day. Also taking the sick girl for lunch and thinking when she stopped eating her little hamburger she was finished it, followed two hours later by hysterical crying saying "where is my hamburger I'm not done with it!?"

6-Forgetting to put the stew in the crock pot for dinner tonight. For the second day in a row.

5-Planning Parent teacher interviews on the night Drew is out of town

4-Not letting the sweet boy from number 10 on this post have a piece of his birthday ice cream cake when we first got home from school, then by the time I returned from interviews it was too late and he cried again "because you promised".

where is that knife again?

3-Not having fresh bread to make sandwiches with this morning for the boys. Not only was it not fresh, it had little green dots on it. yummy!

2-Not getting up when my alarm clock first went off this morning. Come to think of it, I should not have gotten out of bed, period!

#1- Forgetting to put money under Gabe's pillow from the Tooth fairy last night. Him coming up stairs and saying "the tooth fairy must have forgotten about me".  Feeling like a complete idiot I ran to my purse, quickly grabbed a toonie ($2 coin), and ran down stairs saying to Gabe - sometimes money falls on the floor when you are rolling around at night... strategically placing the toonie on the box spring corner and telling him to look harder.  Once he found it, he came upstairs and said "Mom! The tooth fairy did leave money! But I'm confused... why didn't she take my tooth when she left the money?".  Nicely done tooth fairy. I told him that she must have had too many to carry by that time and she would pick it up tomorrow night to which he replied he would hide it to see if she really exists.  Wanna guess which tooth fairy doesn't have any friggin' idea where the tooth is? 

Honestly universe?  What were you thinking allowing me to reproduce?


I am grateful for wonderful children. I am one lucky lady. The interviews were good, despite my general overall immaturity. 
It will forever be a wonder to me how I ended up with such highly functioning and excellent children. They belong to their father more and more. Thankfully they got my wit, and Drew's brains.

I am grateful I was not on Oprah's Favorite things show, wow that would have been just awful. I feel terrible for those people....ya I am choking on this too....sigh. They even got a set of Julia Child's most favorite pots, AND they got to pick what colour they wanted them in!

I am grateful Garth Brooks is singing again. I got Drew to look up tickets to his show in Las Vegas, I doubt I will ever get to see him perform live, but man I would love to. I am just happy he is performing again. Sigh.  


Natasha said...

I laughed out loud at number 8. I've smacked myself in the head for that same brand of stupidity you used today.

So related to this post. Except for the Garth Brookes thing. We have totally different tastes in music. Of course, I think I have GOOD taste in music while you, well, you're good at fashion! ;-P

Sorry for all the mom guilt. :-( "Josie" has made that same type of "tried your best" comment to me. Heartwrenching. Except she has made blanked excuses for my entire mothering ability because "I know you had a hard childhood". Nicccce.

Love you.

J said...

You do have good taste in music. I just have better.