Sunday, November 7

I am so clever

Tonight for dinner we had soups. Different kinds of soups. Everyone picked the kind they liked. Ethan picked New England Clam chowder. Now, this is where I decided to be what some could say dishonest... I am going to call it clever. 

I knew if I told him there were clams in it, he would decide he did not like it, and he would not ever try it. If he did try it, more then likely gagging would ensue.  So Instead, when I dished it out and he asked what was in it, I simply said. Potatoes. 

And guess what....HE LOVED IT! He even scooped the sides of his bowl. 

Score one mom!

I also finally picked these up this weekend. They are the measuring cups my brother Dawson bought me for my birthday. Aren't they darling? I collect measuring cup/ tea spoon sets.  I love the colours!


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Mel said...

lol!! Dear Mom rocks!!