Tuesday, November 16

Doctors office trip number 4,678

I was actually starting to feel a little cocky, so excited that our flip chart in the kitchen said "accident and doctor free for 43 days"... sadly we are back at double zero. 

Seth, poor sweet Seth was the reason we had to go today. I already felt bad for the poor guy, he had to go to school today while his brothers had the day off (Seth is part of the Edmonton school board, and the boys go to our local school so their teachers Professional development days are different).
So not only did he have to miss the super fun day we had at the indoor play place (which by the way is the most incredible place I have ever been in, we will be going there all winter), he had to see the doctor for a very nasty reason. 

So after school I picked him up and the first thing he heard was "Seth we had so much fun... blah blah blah... we did this and we did that.... blah blah blah."  Then we had to wait over 2 hours for the doctor to see us because it was not our regular doctor, but a substitute doctor because our fantastic, magnificent, wonderful doctor is on holidays.  And the substitute doctor, although I'm sure very smart and capable, does not maintain the same lighting fast pace as our regular pediatrician does.

My appointment was at 3:00, I did not leave the office until 5:00 and did not get home until 6:30. WHAT A DAY!

One thing that happened today that made me stop and take notice was when I picked up Seth.  The way Seth's school works is that the teachers bring the students out to you. You do not go to the classrooms, so the parents sit and wait for their children in the cafeteria where there are tons of tables and chairs. 

I (as I am sure most of you know or can tell) really enjoy chatting with people. I will talk to anyone and everyone. I thoroughly enjoy meeting others and listening to them. People tell me all kinds of things. 
I often joke that that is a super power of mine and today I was feeling exceptionally chatty. I had had a great day and was in the mood to share it. 

I left all my electronic devices in the car, and sat at a table, halfway from the entrance we as parents come in, and halfway from where the teachers bring the children in. I was also facing the entrance, looking up, body language was clear; I was eager to begin a conversation with the first person who came in. 

So entered person number 1:
She was a nice looking lady, curly hair she walked right over to my table. I said "Hello" she smiled back, placed her purse at the table I was sitting at and walked across to the other side of the room, sat at an empty table and began playing a game on her iPhone (I could hear the music).

Person number 2:
Walked in, not even looking up and sat across the room from me at her own table and continued whatever she was doing on her iPhone.

Numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 all entered the exact same way, all went to their own tables and continued whatever they were doing on their iPhones.

Persons 9 and 10 did not have any electronics, but both sat at tables alone from anyone. I smiled at both of them at different times, but was too far away to start any conversation. 

Persons 11 and 12 came in without any phones, but pulled them out immediately after sitting at their own tables . 

In that room there was 13 people and it was completely silent except for the slight tapping sound of fingers on a touch screen. It made me so sad that the art of conversation is disappearing; maybe not so much the art, but the interest. And that is so sad to me because I had so much to talk about and there was no one there to share it with.  Hmmm.



I am grateful for my friends. Thank you for all your letters and well wishes. I promise when I win the lottery I will fly us all to Hawaii for a ladies week! You have my word! 

I am grateful for the chocolate sauce that gets hard and makes a shell after you squirt it on your ice cream, ooh my!

I am grateful for the excellent medical care my forever accident prone, constantly sick with weird things family receives. Even our dentist is amazing, we are well cared for.

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