Wednesday, November 17

Dental drama with Nora

This morning was a bit of a nightmare. I got to spend some of the morning getting tests done for Seth, which is not my idea of fun. Honestly it is only through the grace of God that this child is still alive; with the amount of things that have happened to this child in his almost six years of life, I could fill a small book.

Then this afternoon was spent taking Nora to the dentist to get a cavity filled. I already liked her, but now really have a great respect for our dentist. After the doctor froze her mouth Nora started sucking and biting her frozen lip until it looked like hamburger meat.

My dentist was so sweet and took such good care of her, even after Nora bit her fingers three times, shook the chair to try and get away, kept pushing the instruments out with her tongue, and yelling at the dentist to "MOVE" out of her way so she could see the TV. I was a tad embarrassed but she said her fingers were fine. I was further amazed when it was all over she still gave Nora 2 prizes and did it with a smile. I would have thrown them at any kid who did that to me.
I guess that is one of a million reasons why I am not, and never will be, a dentist...sigh.



I am grateful for my conversation this afternoon with my dear friend on the phone who laughed so hard after I told her about my day that she actually snorted.  

I am grateful for my tiny little job and the magnificent people I work with who treat myself and Nora so well and are so kind to her there.

I am grateful for Sam.  And the three tubs of really creamy thick rich (that's what she said) yogurt she brought over tonight.

This is a few clips from the TV show The Office, it is my favorite TV show of all time. The birth place of "That's what she said"


Phedra M. said...

Man JD you make me laugh so hard I almost pee....

Natasha said...

Was it me who snorted? I've been doing that more and more these days. I probably need surgery. Don't take it personally. ;-P