Tuesday, November 30

December baby!

Happy December! I love this time of year. I love the feelings that often accompany this season. Warm hearts filled with gratitude, joy, peace, goodwill toward our fellow man..... Nora up stairs as I type this yelling at me "I AM NOT TIRED MOM" ..."MOOOOOMMM, I SAID I WANT UP".......(fake) crying and yelling.

All the beautiful moments of this season. So to better drown out her yelling and to help myself get into the mood to finish my post I am plugging in my head phones and listening to this.

Cee Lo Green-Forget You

I am in a little bit of Blogging withdrawal because my computer was not working yesterday, and yesterday I had a lot going on. It was Seth's birthday party; we took our family out for dinner then to an indoor play place with his friends.
Why on earth do we parents take our children to restaurants? Clearly we have forgotten our last visit to a dining establishment. Maybe we thought it would be better? Yes that must be it! Because the last time was so bad, it could not possibly be THAT bad again, and yet, SURPRISE, it is?! Why do we do this to ourselves?
It's like children forget any and all lessons they might have had in their lives about proper behavior when in public. They somehow have forgotten that burping and farting is not something we do with people around? Funny, they don't do that at the dinner table at home. Neither do they stand up, yell, or throw things??
Honestly, What the heck?
I will for the record clarify that Ethan was wonderful, it was the little(er) ones that were monkeys.

I also made, what I think, is an amazing medical discovery these last few days. Nora has had a fever of about 40 since Saturday. Not good, the poor creature has been very sick. It's hard to watch. The medical discovery I made was that when a three year old girl gets a fever she also catches a high pitched whinny cry/screech.
It's awful, and my boys did not catch it when they were little?? Strange. What's even crazier is Nora's fever/whine also has the medical capability of causing hypertension in me almost instantly.

Then to make up for a rough few days, the first Christmas miracle happened. I went and opened the mailbox and look what was inside....

Can you even believe it!!! The first issue was almost 2 months late, so to get Jamie Oliver's Christmas magazine BEFORE the Christmas season started is... well... God Bless us, Everyone!


I am grateful for Drew who fixed my computer. Thanks!

I am grateful for Christmas! I love this time of year.

I am grateful for the happy memories that I have been having all week. This week it has been 10 years since my/our dear friend Adrian passed away. He was my medic partner that I worked with a long time ago. I have been thinking about his laugh, and how much I miss his wife. I really loved them both so much. He was killed in a car accident because someone fell asleep while driving and hit him. My heart is filled with happiness when I think about him.

Miss and love ya big guy! Always the Dream team


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