Friday, November 19

Another bathing suit day

Other three year old's sing "You Are My Sunshine", or Show tunes like the ones off Annie, or even Disney songs. Beautiful medleys that are timeless and tranquil. Songs any mother would be proud to have their angelic voiced daughter sing...... This is what our three year old rocks out to here. And in a bathing suit no less. Playing the broom. Do not judge me.


I am unbelievably grateful for my remote car starter, and my heated leather seats. Ooh baby!!

I am grateful its Friday and I have fun plans!

I am grateful for Drew, tender and kind, and a very understanding partner in the journey of life. He also makes a mean grilled cheese. 



Mel said...

hahaha No judgments here. You should be proud, that girl knows how to jam!

Amy said...

Tate says he likes her song. Me too :)

Anonymous said...

SO cute! Aria sings a lot of Katy Perry, which equally scares me and amuses me!

Percy2626 said...

So fun! The part I thought was funny is when you say "I've got my rock moves," it sounds like "I've got my rock BOOBS!" ;P Savannah used to sing "All the Single Ladies." It was a big hit for awhile after watching Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakuel. Kids are so fun. Keep up the good work Nora!

Natasha said...

That is very funny and cute. My kids know most of that song, too. They pointed out, though, that there's a swear in it. Damn, I hadn't realised.