Saturday, November 13

3 performances down, 3 to go

The CFR is half over as of today and it has been really wonderful. I have gotten in late every night, which makes blogging harder, so I will show a few pictures until I can get back to things.

There has been a lot of these, cows cows everywhere...and with them...

There is always loads of this. Honestly I have no idea how everyone is not barfing all over? The livestock owners just left wheel-barrels full of crap everywhere you looked.

Sam's mom has done a little of this, they needed an extra to fill a spot, she was so kind to offer to help out.

I am enjoying myself immensely. While at the rodeo I ran into a few people from my hometown. Some people I grew up with and some my parents used to rodeo with. It is always good to see old friends.



I am grateful for Drew who made this for us tonight. It is called Parmesan Chicken breasts with crispy posh Ham. Sooo yummy!

I am grateful for my children's Imaginations, Gabe really really wanted this on my blog.

I am grateful there is still no snow.


Natasha said...
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Natasha said...

What was I thinking? I can't believe I wrote that. That should say "I have margaritas in each hand". Plural agreement!