Tuesday, November 30

December baby!

Happy December! I love this time of year. I love the feelings that often accompany this season. Warm hearts filled with gratitude, joy, peace, goodwill toward our fellow man..... Nora up stairs as I type this yelling at me "I AM NOT TIRED MOM" ..."MOOOOOMMM, I SAID I WANT UP".......(fake) crying and yelling.

All the beautiful moments of this season. So to better drown out her yelling and to help myself get into the mood to finish my post I am plugging in my head phones and listening to this.

Cee Lo Green-Forget You

I am in a little bit of Blogging withdrawal because my computer was not working yesterday, and yesterday I had a lot going on. It was Seth's birthday party; we took our family out for dinner then to an indoor play place with his friends.
Why on earth do we parents take our children to restaurants? Clearly we have forgotten our last visit to a dining establishment. Maybe we thought it would be better? Yes that must be it! Because the last time was so bad, it could not possibly be THAT bad again, and yet, SURPRISE, it is?! Why do we do this to ourselves?
It's like children forget any and all lessons they might have had in their lives about proper behavior when in public. They somehow have forgotten that burping and farting is not something we do with people around? Funny, they don't do that at the dinner table at home. Neither do they stand up, yell, or throw things??
Honestly, What the heck?
I will for the record clarify that Ethan was wonderful, it was the little(er) ones that were monkeys.

I also made, what I think, is an amazing medical discovery these last few days. Nora has had a fever of about 40 since Saturday. Not good, the poor creature has been very sick. It's hard to watch. The medical discovery I made was that when a three year old girl gets a fever she also catches a high pitched whinny cry/screech.
It's awful, and my boys did not catch it when they were little?? Strange. What's even crazier is Nora's fever/whine also has the medical capability of causing hypertension in me almost instantly.

Then to make up for a rough few days, the first Christmas miracle happened. I went and opened the mailbox and look what was inside....

Can you even believe it!!! The first issue was almost 2 months late, so to get Jamie Oliver's Christmas magazine BEFORE the Christmas season started is... well... God Bless us, Everyone!


I am grateful for Drew who fixed my computer. Thanks!

I am grateful for Christmas! I love this time of year.

I am grateful for the happy memories that I have been having all week. This week it has been 10 years since my/our dear friend Adrian passed away. He was my medic partner that I worked with a long time ago. I have been thinking about his laugh, and how much I miss his wife. I really loved them both so much. He was killed in a car accident because someone fell asleep while driving and hit him. My heart is filled with happiness when I think about him.

Miss and love ya big guy! Always the Dream team


Monday, November 29

Singing all Morning

This has been a great weekend. We have had such a fun time as a family getting ready for December to begin.
I am really looking forward to Christmas this year.

For this Music Monday I want to play Seth's favorite song right now. He sings it all the time, and it's so beautiful to hear him sing.

Bruno Mars- Just The Way You Are

This one is so beautiful, I love how it makes me feel listening to the instruments.


Also a huge favorite of mine right now

Plain White T's-Rhythm Of Love

This is a song request from English Dean, thank you for introducing me to a new group.

Keane-Somewhere Only We Know


I am grateful cheerleaders in Canada had to wear parkas, snow pants, and mittens. Honestly...could there be anything cooler? (pardon the pun)

I am grateful for the clothes my friend dropped off for my children. They are just lovely.

I am grateful for the invention of laughing. It's such a satisfying feeling to have a good solid belly laugh. 

Have a great week!


Sunday, November 28

Grey Cup Sunday

I myself am a Calgary Stampeders fan.  But because I married a boy with a family from Saskatchewan, when the Stamp's don't make the final, I am by default a Saskatchewan Roughriders fan.  And this weekend here in Canada it's the Grey Cup.  Which is our Canadian Football League equivalent to the Super Bowl, only with a lot less Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunctions.  Because here in Canada it is too cold for any type of mishap like that.  Had J.T. and her been singing that song in Edmonton for Grey Cup weekend, it wouldn't have come close to a problem because the shirt she wore underneath the turtleneck underneath the heated vest underneath the down filled 3/4 length jacket with the scarf and toque and mittens would never have allowed for it.

Anyway, it's a big deal here in Canada and I'm pretty excited.  Roughriders fans have a strange tradition of making football helmets out of watermelons and wearing them during the Grey Cup.  Here is an example of what I am talking about (disclaimer: I don't know these people I found the picture online):

They are pretty hardcore fans.  And in our great city these last few days they have been sporting their green attire everywhere.  It's pretty exciting.  These fans are so hard core in fact that some poor guy had an opportunity to win tickets to the Grey Cup on a local radio station (102.3 Now Radio) and all he had to do was sit for 3 hours in an enclosed room listening to this 199 times.  Poor sucker!  I don't think I could/would do it.  But he did and good on ya pal!



I am super grateful Church ends by noon... football game starts at 4pm!!!

I am grateful for my incredible in-laws who took Seth on a special day for his Birthday yesterday.  They took him for lunch and went shopping and he had a great time!  

I am grateful for all the cookie exchange ladies... thank you for all the yummy treats.

I am grateful that Due Date was so friggin hilarious.  What a funny show!  I needed a good laugh.

Saturday, November 27

An actual parenting moment

It is 7:13 on a Friday night right now, and my house is silent......everyone is asleep except me. The children are exhausted, getting up really early this morning in anticipation of a fun filled weekend. Drew is unconscious from a very draining work week. Even Nora is out.

And what am I doing when I could be doing any number of things alone. I am finishing baking 14 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange (I actually only need 8 dozen, but I miss guessed) and while I am baking,  I am reflecting on the last few days I have had as a mom.

Most of my time as a parent thus far (9 years) I feel is actually not what I would call "parenting" My idea of parenting is molding and shaping young minds, raising leaders of the future. What I have been doing so far is more like self induced slavery. I mean no disrespect with this term, but that is how I feel.
I wash clothes, cook, clean, drive, feed, clean more, wash more/again, feed again, drive/pick up, clean, feed yet again.....all to the tune of crying and stomping and demands of more, more, more from 4 little ones who don't understand gratitude yet to its fullest.

It has only been the last year or so I have begun feeling more like a "parent". Answering real questions, actually talking about things outside of our home, discussing movies. It happens more and more and I am learning these moment happen when you least expect them, and if you are not careful you could easily lose the moment without meaning to.

For example, once Ethan came upstairs after I put him to bed for the 7th time. He said "mom I need to ask you something" To which my normal response would have been, NO good night, we can talk in the morning, but for whatever reason I was not as annoyed so I asked what, and then a more serious question came up and we had a nice talk. I could have easily lost this opportunity to explain this thing to him, and allowed someone else to answer it for him with an answer I think would have been lacking.

I learned from this situation that when these small moments come up I try really hard to be in the moment with the children and ignore everything else around me. I give them 100 percent of my attention and making good use of what the child is willingly giving me of their attention.
This week this happened two times.

First time:
Ethan asked me this week out of nowhere, "What does Gay mean?"
I asked him where did you hear this word?
A friend said it.
I asked what do you think it means?
He said "I think it means when a man and another man get married"
Ooh thank heaven for small mercies..I don't have to have the sex talk just yet.
Well that is kind of it, it is when 2 men or 2 women love each other like mom and dad love each other.
Ethan said (looking confused), why does that happen?

And here is where I feel the parenting part appeared. In this exact moment I could feel the importance of how I was about to answer this. I actually felt and thought to myself, what I say in this very second will shape his little mind (actually 2 minds because Gabe had joined us now) I honestly felt calm, and peace, and I could actually see the/this moment when I will have made my sons turn one way (in thought) when they could have gone down another path. Where I actually had an influence on how they will think, and see things, for the rest of their lives. When I put love in this empty spot instead of hatred.  It was a very heavy and humbling feeling.

I said, I am not sure why that happens guys. Heavenly Father makes us all different. All I know is that we are all special and Heavenly Father loves us all, so we need to love everyone. Even if they are not like us.
I said, Your friends might use that word and call someone names, has that happened.
Both said no, and looked at me funny. (thank heavens)
I said, some people are mean, and think if you are different they can call others names and hurt them.
 Some people have even killed other people just because they looked different, had different coloured skin, or spoke different, or because they were gay.

They sat there very quiet for a while thinking about the idea of killing someone for being different.
I could feel the weight of there thoughts.
It was a good moment.

They did not ask much after that. They just kept saying "I can't believe they would kill them."

It was an actual parenting moment, and in that moment, I felt alive! I felt like there is no better, more important, more fulfilling job I could ever have then this one. I felt like I finally understood the saying "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Is The Hand That Rules The World" poem by William R Wallace
I understood why I need to do all the other stuff in my often dry and dull days, so I am here for these moments. It was a powerful moment in my life. Not one I will forget anytime soon.

Also a parenting moment (#2 this week) I won't soon forget was today when Gabe asked me what the word shit meant.
 And after I told him all it meant was poop, but in a "not so nice way" he laughed hysterically and rolled on his bed. So much so he was actually crying. 
Why would people need another word for poop? he says, we already have crap? We then continued talking about swear words while the 2 older boys giggled and had red faces.

It was a good week.



I am grateful for being blessed to be a mom. Not every woman gets to have this. I often joke about being a mom, but I am thankful for this opportunity, and these children. 

I am grateful for my sweet little Seth who was singing Bruno Mars Just The Way You Are. What a beautiful thing to hear. 

I am grateful for this warm weather. Only in Canada will it go from -32 to 3 in 2 days. It is a nice break. 

I am grateful for the Grey Cup this weekend. I love football!

Friday, November 26

Possibly the best birthday gifts ever

One of my all time favorite shows is The Office... so I thought I'd show you a few little clips from the best show in the universe to end the week.  If you haven't seen The Office yet, honestly, what are you doing with your time?  And don't tell me some garbage like serving others, self improvement, saving the whales, blah blah blah.  Kick back and waste a little time.  Enjoy!


I am grateful for our dear friends Sam and Monika - look what they sent us for mine and Drew's birthday presents! Mine is the blue, Drew's is the black.  We LOVE them and can't wait to wear them.  Thanks guys!  PS - We are counting down the days until you guys move up here.


Thursday, November 25

My top 10 parenting moments today

10- I was 36 minutes late dropping Seth off for school. It would not normally be a big deal but he missed the hello song (his favorite) and a session with his Occupational Therapist. Again not a huge deal because he does not need OT as much as he needs speech, the part that made me feel like a crap parent was when he cried about missing it and told me its okay mom, you tried your best. 

ooh, give me the knife and I will stab my own self in the heart. 

9- Taking a sick little girl to the mall to try and do some Christmas shopping. 

8-Taking said sick girl to the Disney store, and having some deluded thought she would be okay just looking. 

7-Forgetting the sick girls Tylenol at home while being out all day. Also taking the sick girl for lunch and thinking when she stopped eating her little hamburger she was finished it, followed two hours later by hysterical crying saying "where is my hamburger I'm not done with it!?"

6-Forgetting to put the stew in the crock pot for dinner tonight. For the second day in a row.

5-Planning Parent teacher interviews on the night Drew is out of town

4-Not letting the sweet boy from number 10 on this post have a piece of his birthday ice cream cake when we first got home from school, then by the time I returned from interviews it was too late and he cried again "because you promised".

where is that knife again?

3-Not having fresh bread to make sandwiches with this morning for the boys. Not only was it not fresh, it had little green dots on it. yummy!

2-Not getting up when my alarm clock first went off this morning. Come to think of it, I should not have gotten out of bed, period!

#1- Forgetting to put money under Gabe's pillow from the Tooth fairy last night. Him coming up stairs and saying "the tooth fairy must have forgotten about me".  Feeling like a complete idiot I ran to my purse, quickly grabbed a toonie ($2 coin), and ran down stairs saying to Gabe - sometimes money falls on the floor when you are rolling around at night... strategically placing the toonie on the box spring corner and telling him to look harder.  Once he found it, he came upstairs and said "Mom! The tooth fairy did leave money! But I'm confused... why didn't she take my tooth when she left the money?".  Nicely done tooth fairy. I told him that she must have had too many to carry by that time and she would pick it up tomorrow night to which he replied he would hide it to see if she really exists.  Wanna guess which tooth fairy doesn't have any friggin' idea where the tooth is? 

Honestly universe?  What were you thinking allowing me to reproduce?


I am grateful for wonderful children. I am one lucky lady. The interviews were good, despite my general overall immaturity. 
It will forever be a wonder to me how I ended up with such highly functioning and excellent children. They belong to their father more and more. Thankfully they got my wit, and Drew's brains.

I am grateful I was not on Oprah's Favorite things show, wow that would have been just awful. I feel terrible for those people....ya I am choking on this too....sigh. They even got a set of Julia Child's most favorite pots, AND they got to pick what colour they wanted them in!

I am grateful Garth Brooks is singing again. I got Drew to look up tickets to his show in Las Vegas, I doubt I will ever get to see him perform live, but man I would love to. I am just happy he is performing again. Sigh.  

Wednesday, November 24

Coughing little girl.

Nora is not feeling good. She has not been her best for a few days now. A constant running nose, not sleeping well, coughing so hard she gags, and has been about a 9.5 out of 10 on the Holy Crap COULD YOU BE ANY MORE MISERABLE scale.
Its times like these I would like to offer my most humblest apologies to my mother, babysitters, and care givers. If I EVER was like this when in your care, I am so unbelievably sorry. And thank you for not locking me in the closet until my mother returned. 


I am grateful Drew got me Netflix and an i pad, well the i pad is his for work, not really mine, but I use it and  It makes treadmill time way more tolerable. 

I am grateful Seth had a great Birthday.

I am grateful it was only -32 degrees Celsius (-25.6 Fahrenheit) today instead of -40 like it was forecast.

I am grateful for Tylenol and coke. 


Tuesday, November 23

Happy birthday to my beautiful six year old Seth!

My dearest Seth,

I loved you ferociously before you were even born.  Which is a good thing because when you made your 11 pound 6 ounce and 23 inch entrance it could have easily gone the other way :)  Your sweet little life has not been an easy one and has been filled with many struggles.  And sadly I don't think they will be over anytime soon.  But your smile and enthusiasm for life has and will get you far.  Remember that God gives us weakness to humble us and make us strong.

My advice to you, my little man, on your sixth birthday is to always keep smiling.  Try not to ever take anything too personally or too seriously.  Always laugh and share it with others; you have a contagious laugh. 
Work hard at whatever you choose to do in this life. You will always have our support no matter what. And I hope you do many different things. It's okay to change your mind, just always do your best. Remember your choices in life should never depend on what others like and don't like. And that even includes your dad and I. Do what makes you happy. Do what you love. You were never intended to be like everyone else. It is your destiny to stand out.

Always be kind to everyone! Give every girl the same chance...you never know what might come of something.  Always address older people with respect, call men Sir, and women Ma'am. It might seem old fashioned, but I expect you and your brothers to be different then all the others your age. You need to be the one people remember because of your respectful and uncommon approach; it will get you far. Also, always dress appropriately in clothes that fit you and are colourful.  Colour is always best.

Always be proud of where you came from.
Always stand up for what is right, even if you are standing alone.

Never forget about your grandparents. Always call them, and spend time with them. They will teach you more than I could write here. Don't forget about me either - take me out for dinner once in a while.

Love passionately, serve selflessly, work honestly. You my son are a gem among (little) men. You will be a great man, because you are such a happy boy. I love you. Have a wonderful day!

Always and forever,


This is what we had to resort to after our cake lady Holly moved away.  They are cupcakes that are supposed to look like a painting thing.  Do they look like a painting thing?  I don't even know what that thing is called.  And yes that's a tootsie roll paintbrush.  

Monday, November 22

Rule #4: The Doubletap

This weekend Drew and I decided it would be a great time to start doing one on one time with the children individually. Getting to know each other better, talk and overall strengthen relationships with each child. Mixing that with doing an activity that we would enjoy, and that would teach practical life skills that were transferable into the real world.

Obviously Zombie hunting was the first thing we came up with.

On this music Monday I pulled from a very old album I had back in the day.

The Offspring-Pretty Fly For A White Guy

Also a great newer one

Colbie Caillat-Bubbly

I am feeling a little more like hibernating now with all the snow, and I love to bunker down with food, movies and good music. This is one of my all time favorites.

Michael Buble-Me & Mrs. Jones


I am grateful for how much fun we had baking cookies with the children today. I love sharing the kitchen with them and I love that they share this love of cooking. We cook in camo here just in case of a zombie attack.

I am so grateful for this new beautiful kitchen that we have that allows me to share this time with our children.  

I am grateful for my over sized sweater my brother gave me 3 Christmas' ago, my warm slippers, and Midol.

I am grateful for the happiness of our children. I am aware that they will not always want to spend this much time with us, we will not be cool, and that we will argue a lot. I am incredibly thankful we are not there just yet. I cherish this time with them. 


Sunday, November 21

The miracle of women

This evening when I was getting ready to go to sell jewelery at a ladies craft sale, I was in the foulest of moods.  And poor Drew took the brunt of it.  I didn't know what to wear; I felt fat in everything; I felt like I didn't look pretty and was getting more and more frustrated.  The more frustrated I got, the more horrible of thoughts were running through my head; "You are so ugly"... which led to "You're not pretty enough for your husband"... which led to "Why do you eat at all?"... which led to "Plastic surgery is the only thing that is going to make you look decent because you're no good because you're not a size 6."  Fairly destructive to say the least.  

And what on earth could Drew possibly do when I'm telling myself that?  How could he compete with his endearing compliments and his insistence that I looked really good when he's only speaking in a normal voice and all the self destructive bull crap is yelling in my head?  I huffed out of the house, cussed myself out for obviously not being a good enough person because I'm not thinner all the way to the party/sale and even actually thought "I might as well not go" because I'm going to look so terrible.

I have a lot more internal work than I first thought. (This is one of those pretty boxes from my emotional shelf)

And then the most amazing thing happened.  Every single person at the party/sale (attendees/vendors) were women.  And they were all different shapes and sizes.  And you know what?  The first thing that two women said to me when I walked in was they thought I looked so nice, and they loved my shirt and belt.  A very good friend of mine (who invited me to the party) from across the room later in the evening mouthed to me how beautiful I looked.  I was there for five hours and laughed and joked with women of all shapes and sizes and I didn't care what they were wearing or looked like, and it never even crossed my mind once that they might have cared (or even noticed) what I was wearing... I just had a really great time.  

There is something really powerful about women.  There is something healing about being around them. 
I believe there is evil in this world, real and true, powerful and damaging, and yet it can not touch me when I am with a group of women. When women come together for a good cause (tonight was a fundraiser for a charity) there is nothing that can compete with that. Tonight I did not feel like my worth was related to my waist size. I was me, just me, and that was more then enough.

That is why we need each other.


I am grateful 

Friday, November 19

Another bathing suit day

Other three year old's sing "You Are My Sunshine", or Show tunes like the ones off Annie, or even Disney songs. Beautiful medleys that are timeless and tranquil. Songs any mother would be proud to have their angelic voiced daughter sing...... This is what our three year old rocks out to here. And in a bathing suit no less. Playing the broom. Do not judge me.


I am unbelievably grateful for my remote car starter, and my heated leather seats. Ooh baby!!

I am grateful its Friday and I have fun plans!

I am grateful for Drew, tender and kind, and a very understanding partner in the journey of life. He also makes a mean grilled cheese. 


Thursday, November 18

Now it's really winter.

Although we did get a little snow a few weeks back, it did not really count. Unless Snow stays on the ground for more than 3 days it is not yet considered winter. This definition matters, because we have had snow in July. So once it melted and we had Halloween, to us, it was still fall. 

Now today it is really winter to me. Winter jackets, toques, mittens and snow boots were required for the walk to school today. It was -12 degrees celsius and felt like -19 with the wind (in Fahrenheit that is -2). Truthfully I don't know how it can be one temperature but feel different to an exact degree with the wind, but that's what they say on the radio.

The drive was ridiculous, and because I was told by the lab tech yesterday that I might have to re-do one of Seth's tests I decided not to drive all the way back to town right away, but wait about an hour or so until the tech called. I lingered around Seth's school killing time until I was told it was okay to go home. 

To kill time Nora and I went to Value Village (a second hand charity store) and went treasure hunting. 
I found this:

It is to make doughnuts. So you can bake them and not fry them in oil. I have actually been looking for one of these for weeks now, I was super excited. 
With it I made these (later in the evening). The recipe for these I found in Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld (Jerry's wife), which I was given by my Friend E. Crowfoot last Christmas.  I have 3 out of 4 eaters willing to try anything but with Ethan I have to get creative. So in this cookbook she hides a lot of veggies. For the doughnuts I used pureed pumpkin and baby food sweet potatoes. While I was making them Ethan came downstairs to see what was going on. Nora was still up because she had to show Drew her nails (he had been out of town all day), so they both got to have a taste. Seth heard the party and came upstairs too. Bless Gabe, he was sleeping. 
I was nervous, but they all really really liked them. Seth even said he would rather me make these for his class instead of cupcakes next week for his birthday. Which I think speaks volumes!

Sorry, back to my day....

 I also picked up extra toques and mittens (because my children always lose theirs).

Olympic Vancouver 2010 Team Canada Toque Hat Profile Photo
This is a toque.  There are different variations, but this is the basic.

When we were given the a-okay to head home we went to pick up our pottery that we had painted last week with our friends. Nora had made this unicorn:

And I had made this butter dish:

After we picked up the pottery I had a hair appointment
I had this done (I love hair days):

While Nora had that done (in case you could not see them she put them extra close):

It has been a very long, cold and snow covered day.


unrelated to painted nails...

I am a fairly unemotional person. I have, over the years, developed a talent of taking emotions that might be appropriate for a situation and putting them in a proverbial box (which would be brightly coloured and look very pretty of course), taking that box and putting it on my proverbial  emotions shelf (which would also be an attractive piece of old English furniture). I store these boxes and pretend they don't exist. I have done this most of my life and just dealt with things using humor, rather happily in denial. 

I am finding since my post on Sunday, which was obviously semi personal, that some of these proverbial boxes are throwing themselves (kamikaze style) off their shelves and forcing me to deal with what is inside. Some of the stuff that is surfacing right now has so much dust on it I can hardly recognize it. Yet the feelings are as raw as the day things happened.
When I am feeling safe, and in safe company I am bursting into tears out of nowhere and needing to talk. 
I am wondering how long this headache filled Kleenex wasting blurry eyed so I can't drive emotionally draining process will last, but I am actually feeling a little lighter which is ironic because since my back has been bothering me again I've actually put on a few pounds.


I am so very grateful for the support I have been getting from all over. Thank you. I'm also grateful for lotion covered Kleenex so my nose will not be chapped and bleeding.

I am grateful my butter dish turned out alright. 

I am grateful these doughnuts taste amazing. I am always so thrilled when the children love what I make. I feel very accomplished and joyful when my family has good healthy food in them. 

Wednesday, November 17

Dental drama with Nora

This morning was a bit of a nightmare. I got to spend some of the morning getting tests done for Seth, which is not my idea of fun. Honestly it is only through the grace of God that this child is still alive; with the amount of things that have happened to this child in his almost six years of life, I could fill a small book.

Then this afternoon was spent taking Nora to the dentist to get a cavity filled. I already liked her, but now really have a great respect for our dentist. After the doctor froze her mouth Nora started sucking and biting her frozen lip until it looked like hamburger meat.

My dentist was so sweet and took such good care of her, even after Nora bit her fingers three times, shook the chair to try and get away, kept pushing the instruments out with her tongue, and yelling at the dentist to "MOVE" out of her way so she could see the TV. I was a tad embarrassed but she said her fingers were fine. I was further amazed when it was all over she still gave Nora 2 prizes and did it with a smile. I would have thrown them at any kid who did that to me.
I guess that is one of a million reasons why I am not, and never will be, a dentist...sigh.



I am grateful for my conversation this afternoon with my dear friend on the phone who laughed so hard after I told her about my day that she actually snorted.  

I am grateful for my tiny little job and the magnificent people I work with who treat myself and Nora so well and are so kind to her there.

I am grateful for Sam.  And the three tubs of really creamy thick rich (that's what she said) yogurt she brought over tonight.

This is a few clips from the TV show The Office, it is my favorite TV show of all time. The birth place of "That's what she said"

Tuesday, November 16

Doctors office trip number 4,678

I was actually starting to feel a little cocky, so excited that our flip chart in the kitchen said "accident and doctor free for 43 days"... sadly we are back at double zero. 

Seth, poor sweet Seth was the reason we had to go today. I already felt bad for the poor guy, he had to go to school today while his brothers had the day off (Seth is part of the Edmonton school board, and the boys go to our local school so their teachers Professional development days are different).
So not only did he have to miss the super fun day we had at the indoor play place (which by the way is the most incredible place I have ever been in, we will be going there all winter), he had to see the doctor for a very nasty reason. 

So after school I picked him up and the first thing he heard was "Seth we had so much fun... blah blah blah... we did this and we did that.... blah blah blah."  Then we had to wait over 2 hours for the doctor to see us because it was not our regular doctor, but a substitute doctor because our fantastic, magnificent, wonderful doctor is on holidays.  And the substitute doctor, although I'm sure very smart and capable, does not maintain the same lighting fast pace as our regular pediatrician does.

My appointment was at 3:00, I did not leave the office until 5:00 and did not get home until 6:30. WHAT A DAY!

One thing that happened today that made me stop and take notice was when I picked up Seth.  The way Seth's school works is that the teachers bring the students out to you. You do not go to the classrooms, so the parents sit and wait for their children in the cafeteria where there are tons of tables and chairs. 

I (as I am sure most of you know or can tell) really enjoy chatting with people. I will talk to anyone and everyone. I thoroughly enjoy meeting others and listening to them. People tell me all kinds of things. 
I often joke that that is a super power of mine and today I was feeling exceptionally chatty. I had had a great day and was in the mood to share it. 

I left all my electronic devices in the car, and sat at a table, halfway from the entrance we as parents come in, and halfway from where the teachers bring the children in. I was also facing the entrance, looking up, body language was clear; I was eager to begin a conversation with the first person who came in. 

So entered person number 1:
She was a nice looking lady, curly hair she walked right over to my table. I said "Hello" she smiled back, placed her purse at the table I was sitting at and walked across to the other side of the room, sat at an empty table and began playing a game on her iPhone (I could hear the music).

Person number 2:
Walked in, not even looking up and sat across the room from me at her own table and continued whatever she was doing on her iPhone.

Numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 all entered the exact same way, all went to their own tables and continued whatever they were doing on their iPhones.

Persons 9 and 10 did not have any electronics, but both sat at tables alone from anyone. I smiled at both of them at different times, but was too far away to start any conversation. 

Persons 11 and 12 came in without any phones, but pulled them out immediately after sitting at their own tables . 

In that room there was 13 people and it was completely silent except for the slight tapping sound of fingers on a touch screen. It made me so sad that the art of conversation is disappearing; maybe not so much the art, but the interest. And that is so sad to me because I had so much to talk about and there was no one there to share it with.  Hmmm.



I am grateful for my friends. Thank you for all your letters and well wishes. I promise when I win the lottery I will fly us all to Hawaii for a ladies week! You have my word! 

I am grateful for the chocolate sauce that gets hard and makes a shell after you squirt it on your ice cream, ooh my!

I am grateful for the excellent medical care my forever accident prone, constantly sick with weird things family receives. Even our dentist is amazing, we are well cared for.