Tuesday, October 26

Thumbs up to potty's in the car

My friend Amanda is a wonder-woman, all knowing, all creative genius!

The potty in the back of my truck is a 10 out of 10 my friend. Nora went pee in it 3 times today while we were out, and I think for that, she deserves a round of applause! Take a bow!!

The Snow today was a drag, as it is with most "first snow days" mostly everyone who lives in this beautiful land of ours forgets how to drive in the white stuff, thus causing accident upon accident upon accident. 
When I was an EMT I used to love first snow days, but I was twisted back then and way too eager for experience. I am no longer interested in seeing accidents from any distance.

Today was a typical first snow day, and I was 50 minutes late dropping off Seth because of all the snow and people re-learning what that means for their commute. 

Another joy this morning was Drew had his winter tires put on his car, and when the tire guys opened the tires from their storage bags, they found a nail in one of the tires. SO a new set of tires was purchased this morning. Joy Joy Joy...It is such a good thing we planted that money tree in the back yard last summer, or life sure would be unpleasant  *eye roll*

Drew is out of town, yet again, but with him gone I get to watch my episodes of Oprah and project runway that I have PVR'd so the night will not be a total loss. 

Nora slowly making her way to the truck, playing in the snow.

I am grateful for the visit with my friend Gillian. We have not seen each other in 12 almost 13 years. There is nothing like friends that are so wonderful that is does not feel like any time has passed since the last time you saw each other.  

I am grateful for the ENTIRE BED TO MYSELF TONIGHT!!!!!!

I am grateful for my awesome boots, they are great! along with that...

I am grateful I bought the boys new boots a few weeks ago, I was not panicked at all this morning when I saw the snow all over. 

I am going to just go ahead and give myself a gold star for that move, if you don't mind.


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Amanda Adams said...

I am so glad it worked for Nora as well as it did for Katie :D