Tuesday, October 12

Pumpkin Cannon festivities

Today we went and spent the afternoon at the pumpkin cannon place. I am sure they do more then just shoot pumpkins out of an overly large cannon, but I don't really care about anything else there. The cannon is what I go for. 

Ethan's turn.
Gabe's turn.

Gabe getting interviewed by the NAIT journalism students.  The kids were pretty excited to be on TV.

Nora's turn.  She actually hit the ship.

That's her cheering.  When you hit the ship, your name is entered for a draw for Pizza for a Year from Boston Pizza.

Seth being interviewed as well.  He told them all about his Halloween Costume plans (Yoda).

Nora relaxing on the alligator.

My turn!!!

I tried to play it cool but I was pretty excited.


I thought I had it!

But alas, it fell short and my pumpkin contributed to the pile of orange goo on the ground in front of the ship.

They have a petting zoo there.

Alright... we didn't just shoot cannons.  We also made scarecrow's.  

Dean found a lovely vest in the pile of scarecrow clothes.  

Our family scarecrow.

Even Lara seemed to have a good time.

This was Sam having the time of her life with her disemboweled scarecrow.

I am grateful that Sam either saved (or went and got me) four tokens so that I could have a turn at the Pumpkin Cannon! I thought we had used up all the tokens on the kids. Thank you so very much!

I am grateful or shelter belts. Because they did a really great job of making the pumpkin cannon place not very windy. I remember what shelter belts are from grade 4 social studies.

I am grateful for the unbelievable turkey soup that I made today! I really do have a gift.  


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Sam said...

It was a really great Canadian day! I am greatful to Drew for giving me enough coins for my kids and to give to you, as it made you so happy! Thank you for letting us share the day with you and making our first Thanksgiving special. Also great photos!