Friday, October 8

Ooh to be thankful

Because this weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada I thought it would be appropriate to do a thanksgiving post. 

So in the spirit of being grateful and thankful.... I had a meeting with Seth's teacher today after school. My friend Sam took the other kids so I could spend some time with Seth and give 100% of my attention to the teacher while she spoke. 
On the wall outside of her classroom was this display of what the children are thankful for, if you read down the paper you can see all of these charming and heartwarming tributes of gratitude from all the children....then there is Seth's. "I am grateful for the DS from my Grandma" and if you look carefully it actually says BS from grandma (but I will not say anything about that, because that would be too easy).

Why I think this is actually a great little thing is because, ya, Seth is grateful for a video game, not ideal. I would much rather him have said he was thankful for his wildly entertaining, and beautiful mother, who dotes on him, loves him and cares for him in an angelic way. Sure that would have been nice, but does that lessen his gratitude? Because it was not what I wanted, or how I would have done it?? Because it was not the same as everyone else?

I look at it as he is grateful/thankful. Just because his is about something different than the other kids, does not mean he does not feel the same feelings. My point is, we are all at different places in this journey of life. It would be no fun at all if we were all at the exact same spot, all grateful for the same things at the same times. People are diverse, and learning and struggling and growing at different rates. I am glad for that.

I received a letter yesterday from a friend of mine telling me how she has found this part of life a bit of a struggle.... having a young family is no picnic. Worth it? yes, but it is not easy. I sometimes think sanding my own teeth down with nail files would be less painful most days. 

So to all my dear friends on this Thanksgiving post. Be kind to yourselves and be kind to others. You have no idea where anyone else is in their journey. 
Think about what you are thankful for, eat a TON of turkey and gravy. Laugh and remember, even if all you are grateful for is the DS, at least you are still grateful. And that is perfectly okay!


I am grateful Drew arrived home safely from his trip. It's good to have my man home. Bow chick a wow wow 

I am grateful for Sam and Dean for taking the other kids all afternoon.  Thank you!

I am grateful for Mel, who came over and visited last night while I made cookies. It is always good to visit with old friends.

I am grateful for stretchy pants and how much I am going to need them after this weekend!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Percy2626 said...

Hey Joelle, he's not just grateful for a DS, he's grateful for one from his Grandma! When every anyone asks him about it, he will be reminded of her. I'm sure some days you are SUPER grateful for the DS and it keeping him occupied when you have to devote your attention to something/someone else.

Nice that the teacher made the list large enough to get a great photo. Nice that Seth's gratitude statement is at the right level to be exactly above him for the photo! Sounds like he is going to a wonderful school.

You are a great Mum, Seth is grateful for you every day, even though he didn't write it down! So are your other children and anyone who has contact with you any time of day. I am grateful for your blog.