Monday, October 4

My Birthday

As Drew and I finish cleaning up, the children are getting ready for bed, decorations are being put away I am thinking back on this weekend and I can't help but smile. It has been such a wonderful weekend I don't want it to end.

Friday (my birthday) started like most days do, get up, getting ready, have the birthday song sang to me by the boys with a slight change (you look like a monkey and smell like dog poo),  and of course drive Seth to school and while we were driving to the school we were listening to NOW radio like we always do. That morning they were talking about back handed compliments. I am not sure what made me do it but I decided to call in and tell the story of the time when I was pregnant with Nora our neighbour (who is an older man) came out and told me how pretty  I looked....then followed it with "do you think you can get fatter?"

The radio hosts laughed and asked me what I did after he said that, I told them I went into the house and ate a  bag of chocolate chips.

They laughed more, then they said, well thanks for calling. I told them how much my family loved listening to them, and that it was my birthday and could they play me a song. I asked to hear Blind Melon No Rain, they said sure. Then Mars (the female host) says, Joelle, can we make your birthday even better, I said sure. Then she said, can we give you $100 as a sure can!!!  I am going to go pick it up Monday morning!

Pretty cool way to start off ones birthday. 

Later that night, and after a few changes to the restaurant due to Fiores going out of business, we went out to dinner at Ric's with my brother Dawson and some of our friends.
After dinner we went bowling and laughed the night away. 

It was a wonderful birthday. Happy Birthday to me!

Funny Story about this picture, I actually missed this part, I had gone to the washroom when she came, and everyone sang but I was off chatting with some lady in the washroom about the hairspray and extras that the restaurant put in the washroom for the guests. Oops...giggle
So when I came back to the table, the cake was sitting in front of my spot and the sparkler had burned out. Although my friends were loving enough to re-sing Happy Birthday for me, they were not super thrilled about doing it 6 minutes later.


I am grateful for true friends. The kind you feel so comfortable with that all you feel is love and joy being around.

I am grateful for my dear neighbor who made a wonderful lunch for Nora and I for our birthdays.

I am grateful for the relationship my brother Dawson has with our children. 

I am grateful for my loving husband and for his surprise blog post about me.

I am grateful for this wonderful day, and how special I felt.



Amy said...

I wish I was there, it looks like a great night. :)
I love your look for the night and love your hair!!

Anonymous said...

ok every picture of dawson cracks me u! happy belated!! i like the radio story that's awesome. LOVE KELSEY

Monika Crowfoot said...

happy birthday, so glad you all had fun!