Monday, October 25

Monday Monday

Normally I am not a fan of Mondays, but today is a good one. Nora has woken up dry 4 out of 5 days in a row now, and we have not had an accident during the day for 3 days!!! Operation no more diapers (I feel) is going marvelously.  I can see my latte bowls adorning my breakfast table in the not so distant future.

Small shout out to Amanda for the advice on the potty in the car, got one and I will let you know how it goes.  Way better than the advice that Sam gave me, which was to carry the little potty topper (that goes inside of a real toilet seat) with me at all times so she would feel more comfortable on every public toilet.  And then to carry Lysol wipes with me to clean it off before I stick it back in my purse!  Forgive her, she still is learning about me.

The only part about this weekend that has been less then fantastic is that I sprained my ankle. AGAIN!

I stepped on it funny last weekend on my trip with my Dad and brother.

We had made one of 78 pee stops, and me being the only girl, had to find a more wooded area than my traveling companions. I don't think I would have put as much effort into finding a really secluded spot before I had children, but since, I take extra precautions to ensure no permanent mental damage to any unfortunate passerby under the age of 40 that might accidentally catch a glimpse of my backside.

I walked up to what seemed like an okay spot and went. I was thinking to myself as I was going pee, "I wonder if there are any animals watching me right now?"
I kind of scared myself thinking this. I remember Drew telling me once that if you have been out in the bush (for whatever length of time he said) you more than likely have been tracked by a cougar. So as I was peeing my heart was beginning to pick up a steady pace of 120 beats per minute. I finished my stuff and quickly began my way down the little hill and carelessly stepped on a twig/branch. It was such a sharp pain that I fell to the ground.

Trying to play it cool and not get eaten by any animal that clearly saw my disabled performance and now is about to go in for the kill, I bounced up and got back into the truck and calmed down. My ankle started a dull ache right away.
It has been hurting more since I stepped on it wrong again since returning home and on Friday it was bruised and sore all the way up to my knee. I was grumpy all day Saturday and feeling rather sorry for myself.

Now I sheepishly get to go to physio this week and explain how I re-hurt myself whilst peeing in the forest to Physio guy. I am sure I will not hear the end of this for a long time.

One (of a few good things) that happened to me this weekend was I had the opportunity to chat with my dear friend Amy. I love her. We have been friends since we were in grade 4 together.
So Amy, this Music Monday is for you. And for all the recesses we spent out side making up dance routines with our ghetto blasters.

Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby - obviously a favorite from our time. Can you even believe his pants in this video?

Paula Abdul - Opposites Attract 

(Heavy D and the Boys - Now That We Found Love)

MC Hammer - Can't Touch This

(Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride)

(Snow - Informer)

If you take a look over there----------------------------------------------------------
You will see a new addition to my page (the envelope that says e-mail me). That way you can reach me if you ever have anything you would like to share and do not feel comfortable leaving a comment. Or you want to heckle me for something I wrote. I encourage both. 


I am grateful for the new winter boots Drew bought me this weekend as a direct result of my newly re-sprained ankle. They are not super pretty, but very comfortable and I think I will be safe when the snow comes THIS WEEK.  For all of you who are not Canadian's this is a true story. We will have snow this week. I can only remember one Halloween since Drew and I were married (11 years) that there was not snow for Trick or Treating.
That is why it is vital for Canadians to have a sense of humour, or we would lose our minds from the sometimes 8 months of snow.

I am truly grateful for family dinners on Sundays. I don't understand why they have the power to make me feel the way they do, but there is really something magical about family dinners and the conversation that comes from them.  

I am truly and deeply grateful for how hard Drew works for our family, that he affords me the opportunity to continue to go to Physio until I am truly better.  You take very good care of us, my dearest.

I am grateful for good friends that care about us a lot.  


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Amanda Adams said...

:D I am glad you got new winter boots....I picked up a new winter coat on Friday. Its almost as though us Canadians have a 6th sense for EXACTLY when it will snow. If you have grown up here, you will know that you really can "smell it in the air" a day or so before it happens!

I am also glad you used the "car potty" idea!!! Saved our carseats more than once!!!