Monday, October 11

A little red faced

What a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend it has been here. I love visiting with family and friends. I love spending time with the children, and I LOVE eating!! Two turkey dinners... I'm in heaven.

On Saturday we went over to spend the day with Drew's side. His sister Terri and her husband Ben and their very adorable son Aaron came up and we had family pictures done. Then we headed back to Grandma and Grandpas house for Thanksgiving dinner. We also got to see all the pictures taken on their amazing cruise in Europe. Diane (battling weird looks the entire time) took pictures of most of her meals for me, and also brought home a copy of every nights menu... she is so wonderful to me. It was so great to look at all the castles and cathedrals they saw. It was mesmerizing and I was only looking at pictures. 

As always, Diane brought back treats and souvenirs for everyone. Drew and I were given wonderful German chocolate, and a beautiful windmill from Holland. Ben (Terri's husband) got the most retched salted black licorice candy, he likes it but I thought it was horrible. And for the kids this time around she brought gummie candy. They were from a city in Germany that claims to be the first creators of the gummie candy. So of course she bought a package. We opened them up immediately, gave one to everyone and I took one out for me. I looked it over and this is what I saw.....

Yup, that is what you see. An anatomically correct naked man gummie candy. So I said to Diane, ummm, did you know the candies you bought were naked men? 

She of course thought I was being smart, so she came over to see why we were all roaring in laughter. 
Ethan says to Grandma "I can see his penis"
Diane giggles with a light red undertone to her face, and says "please don't tell your teachers Ethan".

I took out my camera and thanked her for my blog post.

For music Monday after a wonderful weekend two of my favorites for right now...

(Finger Eleven - Paralyzer)

(The Killers - Somebody Told Me)


I am grateful for stretchy pants. And if you want to know which pants I am grateful for, these are them!  Every women in the world deserves to own a pair of these. The way they size them is one size smaller than you actually wear so you feel even better about yourself wearing stretchy pants. Especially while dealing with a turkey hangover.

I am grateful for being able to head out to the farm today for our second turkey dinner with John and Rhonda. We had a wonderful time and my brother and sister Tyrell and Tella took the kids on SAFE and SLOW quad rides and even let them drive. And I'm also grateful Tella brought her boyfriends little boy for me to squeeze and love.

I am grateful that I got to go out with my friends to a movie on Friday night.  

I am grateful for the new pillow I bought myself.  

I am grateful we finally set a date and Grandma and Grandpa agreed to look after the kids for our trip to New York in the spring! Yahooo!


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Unknown said...

hahaha I guess this Thanksgiving weekend has a theme! That is the best gummy candy EVER!! Go Diane :)