Wednesday, October 20

Just like the old days

A few months ago I caught wind that my father (Steve) and my brother Dawson were planning a trip out to the island (Nanaimo, British Columbia) to pick up old furniture from England (from Steve's parents). I have no idea why, but I really wanted to go. So when plans were being finalized I decided, yup, I 'm coming.
Drew stayed with the children, and I headed down on Friday afternoon to Calgary, to meet with Dawson and Steve and then we took off.

A 3 day adventure, over 2000 Km's, and it would be just us three. I was really excited.

Friday around 5:30pm we loaded up and we were off.

This is where I sat (in the back) I am the shortest so it was better for me to be in the back. Thankfully Dawson traded once in a while.
We are ready to go, but then Steve decided to wash the truck. No surprise to anyone who knows my dad.
This was my view the entire trip.  My dad purchased this headdress souvenir a few years ago and I tried to move it so I could get a clear shot for my drive but not only is it wire wrapped, it is wire wrapped and tied around the rear view mirror.  You know... in case somebody breaks into the truck to steal it :)
When I was younger and we would go on trips as a family, I always had to go pee first. I remember going on long trips and having to stop 15 minutes or so from our house. It was never good. Steve would always get annoyed and make a big deal about how small my bladder was... yada yada. I was determined on this trip to hold it for days if I had to. I was, under NO circumstance, going to be the first person who had to pee.
I also remember Steve making up this story that when I did have to pee, he would say that a tree would grow where you peed, and on that tree would grow three little leaves, and on those leaves it would say "Joelle peed here" so everyone in the world knew you couldn't hold it.

Stupid I know, but I actually believed him, and would check every time we drove past a spot I knew I had stopped at.

So on this trip I was determined, and I want the entire world to know that not only was I NOT the first person who had to stop, STEVE JONES WAS!!!!!!!! 

I see a tree growing Jonesy!
There were some food stops along the way. In Golden B.C. we found this little dinner and we had amazing food here, completely worth a stop if you ever are heading through. The parking lot was packed with trucks. Always a great way to tell if the food is any good.

Steve's Ruben, Unreal how delicious it was!
I craved it the rest of the trip.

Dawson's pizza. Also just as good the next morning.
After dinner we drove another hour and stopped at a motel in Revelstoke. Such a beautiful little town.  First situation that Joelle did not think through very well... how sleeping arrangements would go with my brother and my dad.  Gratefully Steve was more prepared and got a room with two queens - the two stinky men got to sleep together and I (Her Majesty) got a bed all to myself!


Revelstoke bridge, very early Saturday  morning

On the trip Steve would talk to us about motorbikes. Safety, driving techniques, and things to watch for. Steve has had a bike for as long as I can remember, and both Dawson and I want to get one too. Last year for my birthday we were all going to get our licence, but plans changed after the quad accident. Maybe next year.

I love this picture (taken out the side window BTW)

Chase B.C This is where we go in the summer, I have never seen the lake in the fall.  It is just as beautiful.
Grandpa showing off his guns during lunch. We stopped off for food and a quick visit.

No perogies, but there is nothing better then Grandmas cooking! 

After the visit we went down to the river to see the Salmon run. I have seen this majestic event only on National Geographic. Fish leaping into the air to make this harrowing journey upstream to spawn. Bears catching these fish mid jump.... that's what I expected. Anyway, it was really interesting seeing it for real. I have heard for years how amazing it is, and this was my chance to witness this fascinating event of endurance and sacrifice in nature. What you don't see/experience while watching this event on T.V with Oprah narrating and music playing in the back is the putrid, and overwhelmingly pungent odor. It was nauseating where we were, which apparently was mild (so we were told). There are dead bloated salmon all over that are rotting and have developed this thick white jelly on them. It was awful. I realize this should not have been so surprising, but it was. Some guy on the ferry in Vancouver told us his dog rolled on some fish one year and it took him weeks to get rid of the smell....gag!
Me looking/smelling the fish.....gag
I can still smell it...wretch
Dawson distracting me from the smell...gag still

The drive from Kamloops to Vancouver was supposed to be only 4 hours. We decided our goal was to catch the 5pm ferry. 

On our way into Vancouver we had to do a quick stop at my Cousin Stacey's house, putting us behind schedule.  My cousin Chris saved the day with his ninja car moves (Chris and Allison below, wonder dog Pedro barely visible) so we could escape the "major" traffic going into Vancouver. We only hit the "minor" traffic...pft

Vancouver traffic.

Then we arrived in Vancouver and HOLY COW that was traffic like I have never seen. What was going to take 4 hours took us 9.  NINE HOURS!!! We missed the 7pm ferry and thankfully caught the 9pm ferry to the island.  Which as a side note they only started running the 9pm ferry last week - had they not, we would have been pooched.  

We will never live in Vancouver.

Finally on the ferry.

 It was such a long day. We arrived at my grandfathers house just before midnight.

This is Murieal.  My grandfathers girlfriend.  She is one spicy chick.

This is Clive.  Or C-Dog as he is lovingly referred to by Dawson.
In the morning we took a walk down by the ocean, it smelled so much better. I loved seeing all the boats.
The best Fish and Chips I have had in years!

Everywhere I looked there was these beautiful  plants with HUGE feather like things. I wanted to bring some home but the truck was too full.
Monday morning came way too early, we left my grandfathers place at 5:30am but I had been up since 4 am.

We caught the 6:30 ferry back to Vancouver and as soon as we got out of the truck, Steve realized he had locked his keys inside on the seat. This picture is Dawson and Steve looking for the spare that was nowhere to be found. Using the glowstick app on my iPhone which was a piece of crap and not helpful under a truck whilst on a ferry.
This is the crew member that saved our bacon. He was so good, and quick I am sure they hired him because of his criminal past of B & E's.
How beautiful it was on the ferry

Cold and windy, but beautiful.

The boat was tipsy and made me a little queasy and unsure if I would ever be able to go on a cruise.  That coupled with the fear of falling in made for an awesome view.
This is Merrit B.C. The small town where Sylvester Stallon's Rambo movie First Blood was filmed.  The bridge is actually the one the Police offer drops him off at for any of you First Blood fans.
First Blood
Another Pee stop where we began playing the throw game. We would pick an object  and take turns throwing rocks at it. I won 2 out of the 3 stops we played this game!!!! Eat it Dawson!!

This accident (actually the second we passed on this trip) set us back 45 minutes.
During which we played the hold your breath game, and dice. 
The first accident was a semi truck that had clearly been burning all night - there was nothing left of it.  
I had such a great time with you both. 
I will cherish this trip forever. 
You were so fun to go with. Thank you!!!

 This trip:

I am grateful for all the music we listened to. It was just like the old days.

I am grateful for laughing so hard we had to stop for  bathroom breaks.

I am grateful for Drew who knew I would need a day to sleep after getting in at 3am.

I am grateful families can be together forever.

I love you guys!



Sam and/or Monika said...

Awesome. All my road trip stories end up with my dad yelling, shakeh and nathan and me fighting, my mom lecturing and preparing us for "never-gonna-happen-and-if-they-do-we-will-die" scenarios e.g. like the top of our car being cut into by a swather we happen to pass on the road and we should duck our heads when she yells "duck!" or we could become decapitated, Lets not forget the feet in the face, lost shoes in the van sleepless nights as well! ...hmmmmm I guess those were fun times.

J said...

Sam, So TRUE!!! I remember road trips where we were honestly ready and willing to kill each other after. Dawson and I would fight (normally that involved me smashing him against his door with my feet) and my parents were yelling and swearing. I think that is why this seemed so appealing to me. A chance to travel as adults and just enjoy each other. I am glad I went.