Saturday, October 30

In the spirit of Halloween-top 10 scariest things in my life

I thought in the spirit of this weekend it would be fun to think about a few of the scariest moments in my life. The true horrors and heart stoppers that I have had. I shudder and tremble thinking about some of these as I write them now.....

10-Imagining being eaten by animals while peeing in the trees on the side of the road. This one is not only scary, but dangerous as well.

9-Being late... and I don't mean not being on time for an appointment.

8-Having my ex boyfriend show up at my wedding reception. Not only show up, but start crying, and continue crying the entire night while sitting at one of the tables.

7-When I was an EMT one night I was with a different partner. My regular partner was off for the night so I was working with a guy I didn't really like, or know well. We were called to a house with no reason to think anything bad. When we went into the house my "fill in partner" walked in before me, and went into the living room and immediately turned around, and ran past me out of the house without saying ANYTHING. I had no idea why, so I walked into the room where the patient was. He was sitting in his chair and there was a shot gun with him, with another gun on the ground in front of him. That was Awesome! I almost pooped my pants.

6-Having the terrible misfortune of walking past a mirror (sans clothes) after giving birth. This one still gives me nightmares. Am I right ladies or am I right?

5-Playing bloody Mary in my basement when I was in grade school, and the mind games I play with myself when its really late at night and I am driving alone. For example when I'm on a back road, I always imagine the children of the corn walking out onto the road. Another perfect example is when I see dead animals on the road I keep imagining they are going to just get up and shake it off and then chase after me angrily. Like the other night for example, when Michelle started screaming I thought it was because the dead cat was getting up after being hit. 

4-The movies; Dolls, Gremlins (I was young), The Blair Witch project (this badboy kept me unable to sleep for weeks after watching it and I used to jump from the door to the bed when I went into my room so nobody from under the bed got me), my first labour and delivery video, Stephen King's IT, The ring (I actually only got through the first 30 minutes of the ring and I was WAY too scared and even more pathetic I watched it during the day!), Pet cemetery, Children of the corn, Shark boy and Lava girl - perhaps that is the scariest of all of these movies.

3-My dad used to wait outside of the bathroom door and scare the living crap out of you when you walked out. In kind of a role reversal we now do that to the children. There is nothing funnier in the world than scaring a 2 year old little girl.

2-Did I mention being Late?

There is a tie for number 1.... Drum roll please....

1- Janties (they are jean shorts cut so short they could be panties)


1-My first day of work as an EMT.


I am grateful for how much fun Drew and I had last night doing the last haul for the kids Halloween costumes. We made Ethan into a viking, spray painted a Tupperware lid into a vintage shield, made a plaid kilt, nipped and tucked the ninja costume, made sure Yoda was pressed and his ears stood up just right, and making 18 dozen cookies for the kids school parties. 

I am so grateful for warm tanning beds. Now before I get hate mail on this, I only go once or twice a week (max) for vitamin D in our 9 months of winter. 

I am grateful for Edo Japan tonight and how much the kids enjoyed it. And I am especially grateful that the boys school finally changed their hot lunch program and got rid of some of the crap! They now have Subway, Booster Juice and Edo Japan offerings. Obviously the kids don't get it every day but once per month it's a nice treat.

And I'm not sure if you heard my moaning but did you know I'm grateful for Jamie Oliver's new cookbook?

Have a Happy, Happy Halloween. I will return bright and early Monday morning. 


Just to put you in the mood:

Ghost Busters Theme Song

Michael Jackson-Thriller


Natasha. said...

I totally knew what "janties" were. So funny. People are weird.

I spent many months jumping onto my bed, too. Because whatever is under there to grab me must not be able to simply crawl out and get me while I'm ON the bed.

Nothing scarier than being late. Other than being late in the first month after leaving your husband. Hilarious!

Lucy said...

J is for Joelle...and Joeelle is for FABULOUS!! I Love you!!